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User Info: Hu1kSmAsh

4 years ago#31
1Pefrog posted...
proudlyhated87 posted...
Blaze can burn in hell for all the GE board cares.

What if hell doesn't exist and Blaze ends up being in the same place as you in the afterlife?

Who would ProudlyHated's soul be in?
SOTD: "I will bring this board back. Those who oppose will be crushed between my thighs. I am unstoppable." -Punch

User Info: YOLO_Nacho

4 years ago#32
YOLO_Nacho posted...
MrBont_uk posted...
goldie1967 posted...

Love Him.....Hug Him.....Make Him Feel WELCOME !!!!

But for the love of god don't send him back to us :D

PS Expect an increase in moderated topics/posts on this board.....as proven by your deleted topic on the GE boards.
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User Info: ThePhaseRifleTV

4 years ago#33
Yaya welcome!!
A Goldeneye 007 And Conduit 2 Gameplay Commentator: http://m.youtube.com/user/PermanentPhantom?feature=guide
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