Guess who's back!!!!

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User Info: Dreadnought321

4 years ago#1
sorry I've ben gone for a couple of months but school has to come first. Well I still am happy to take in any new comers to (Dr3ad) if there are any.
Dreadnought321,(Dr3ad)Dreadnought,leader of loyalty. Google + DrEad Dreadnought.

User Info: drophyghost

4 years ago#2
Yay! Welcome back! :D
Conduit 2 FC: 2881 - 9625 - 3883 =)
BTW, sorry for my English :P

User Info: The_Mad_Kitten

4 years ago#3
What is up, brother!
Hi, I'm Venonat. Venonat FC: 3182-0595-9973- [BPB]venonat FC:4986-6699-3607 I am proud of my two Phase Rifles, 5P4K3Y and BL1TZ. Carby, Hivey, ARC, SPAS, SCAR.
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