Finding ideal players...

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User Info: xXAISPXx

4 years ago#1
Anybody notice you never get more than one player when the top right of your screen says this?
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User Info: 6Sevas6Tra6

4 years ago#2
happened to me in real life
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User Info: The21stgun

4 years ago#3
Sometimes, maybe they were the only ideal player
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4 years ago#4
A year ago, Id be finding lobbies with idea players.

The problem is, there isn't enough people online anymore to have more than 1 or so people in the lobby before somebody who doesn't have an ideal connection with you joins.
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User Info: double0steve

4 years ago#5
i never get anyone if it DOESNT say ideal players. never close players, or any players. kinda makes me wonder if im always the host also, because i do have to host all the time in goldeneye.
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User Info: Shooter613

4 years ago#6
6Sevas6Tra6 posted...
happened to me in real life

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User Info: Derppopotamus

4 years ago#7
6Sevas6Tra6 posted...
happened to me in real life

How come you didn't get a reply till about halfway down the page?
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