The Omega Man/I Am Legend Game mode

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User Info: PUNCHOUT1116

4 years ago#11
Kn0x_Games posted...
PUNCHOUT1116 posted...
4n1cK8en_Brony posted...
_Signal posted...

I like it.

Hey. O.O


Your encouraging....."it". Stop.

Teamwork bro.

Can't get your gif to load :/

Also, I think its Sigs alt. We all know she likes attention XD
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User Info: FF5ommer

4 years ago#12
Who's Signal?

User Info: ThePrisoner06

4 years ago#13
What I would like to see is a mass HC Teams match where all players have got this load out -

Warp Pistol
Flash Grenades
Maybe Energy Focus
No Secondary
No Third
Improved Explosives

Or something like that, with ammo crates and a time limit say of 15 minutes or 40 kills. Health could be at say anything inbetween 80 and 110.
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User Info: Kn0x_Games

4 years ago#14
FF5ommer posted...
Who's Signal?

You are.
Name is Knox. Don't forget it.
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