C2 is #1

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User Info: double0steve

3 years ago#1
And GE is #3, how crazy is that. There is hardly ever even 1 full lobby in C2.
(Former) Official Peace-Outer of GE.

User Info: rawrLIKEaB05S__

3 years ago#2
You know it, steve!
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User Info: LigersRule

3 years ago#3
Boards are ranked by the number of unique IP addresses that visit them per day.

This board is a lot more community-based than the GE board is. As such, it creates a LOT of drama.

I feel like we get hits from people who don't even play Conduit 2 (at least, not anymore), and don't post, just because of all the drama that goes on here.
*Insert 25 wit here*

User Info: Kn0x_Games

3 years ago#4
LigersRule posted...
As such, it creates a LOT of drama.

Name is Knox. Don't forget it.
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User Info: Derppopotamus

3 years ago#5
I wish I were a bird.

User Info: ProudlyHated87

3 years ago#6
GE was lagging. GGs
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