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User Info: ThugKitten

4 years ago#1
This dude Zacch is like on Mic and cussing alot cx Lawl All I hear is bleep can't do 1v1 gotta do 2 on 1 blah blah blah bunch of bleep o-o Oml Im just laughing because he has serious rage
~(^o^)~ *Wiggle Wiggle* ~(^o^)~ "Don't drop that Durka Durk"
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User Info: --Hope--

4 years ago#2
I ran into him yesterday....
0906-3982-2148--[R.S.L]Hope C2 FC
Hope can be a torment don't trust it with entirety, for it can lead to insanity. o_O

User Info: hc-valkiria

4 years ago#3
I'll have my mic on next time for sure
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