Whats the worst spread you have seen?

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User Info: JVC-Airtime

4 years ago#11
I have never got over 15 deaths luckily lol
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User Info: xXAISPXx

4 years ago#12
Serves him right for spamming his Hive Cannon at me.
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User Info: Kn0x_Games

4 years ago#13
G3_Razor posted...
Kn0x_Games posted...
I had a bad spread when I fought XG and Fox-(something)... Fox was insanely good, was probably an alt of someone here....

Anyways, even though he had a h*** of a lot of potential he wasted it by using a Smaw.... and he played the good role of being XG4Legends unneeded bodyguard 24/7. ):

I think it was like almost -28

was it: Fox-McCloud?

Yes. You know him?
Name is Knox. Don't forget it.
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User Info: rawrLIKEaB05S__

4 years ago#14
Like a year ago I beat justin in a PR only fight with 100 limit.
He was a Spas/Flash spammer. Boldman was there also.
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  3. Whats the worst spread you have seen?

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