Hi this game is so cool

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User Info: Carl_Kolchak

3 years ago#1
Hi I'm Carl. My friend Andrew got me into this game its so cool. He said you guys were all real helpful nad funny. I'm playing single player right now looking for coordinates so I can practice some on those maps before I play online. Does anyone know where to find them? I already got the precipice one but I need still the others. Thanks.

User Info: ThugKitten

3 years ago#2
Well, I think the easiest way to practice would be to play spit screen, you can do it single player on invasion, on a few maps o-o
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User Info: drophyghost

3 years ago#3
irk! :D
Welcome btw! ^ ^
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BTW, sorry for my English :P

User Info: xXAISPXx

3 years ago#4
Andrew Klonksly or something like that?
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User Info: CmoIsDaNam3

3 years ago#5
Yo, whats up! If you need any tips on the game look at my review or ask some people around here. A tip I can give you is get Explosive Focus and Light Armor fist, since people like the stuff that goes boom those two perks will help against them.
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User Info: hc-valkiria

3 years ago#6
Google all ur campaign questions. Its easier

User Info: G3_Razor

3 years ago#7
Welcome! we keep getting new people. its awesome Explosive focus and NO SMAW. It's way overpowered and is considered noobish. Also try and stay away from Widowmaker turret w/ specialization... you'll see what I mean soon enough.
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User Info: Kn0x_Games

3 years ago#8
Carl_Kolchak posted...
I already got the precipice one but I need still the others. Thanks.

I know one is in washington, where you find the map to china to defeat Lee.
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User Info: Carl_Kolchak

3 years ago#9
xXAISPXx posted...
Andrew Klonksly or something like that?

Yes that is My friend Andrew. He is known here! He has much more skill than me, so I am needing to play more. He scores many killstreak massacres when we play so thank you for the help to practice. I will look in Washington.

User Info: The_Mad_Kitten

3 years ago#10
I am the funny one he was talking about. c:
Welcome the boards though!
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