It's Time For Player Awards

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User Info: A_S_A_PXx

4 years ago#31
Vennonat, You are awesome its just that I have played with you once. You are great with my PR so I am sorry If I made you feel bad.
When You Cry it is not a Sign Of Weakness but a sign that you have holding back tears for to long.

User Info: xXAISPXx

4 years ago#32
The_Mad_Kitten posted...
LeTha1 threat is my choice... he's just too good with the PR, he is also LeTha1 with the shotgun. Also the SCAR. That's why I chose LeTha1Thr3a% as my role model.


I always thought of you guys being alike. You two are very similar.
SOTD: "Khmer is hot" -Lig
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