I've just realised something.....

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User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#1
....that I have now been on this board for exactly two years, to the day of the week, rather than just a date.

Joined on Saturday 11th November 2011 and today is Saturday 16th November 2013.

Over those two years I have played C2 on and off and have made some great friends in game and on the board. Have had some great matches, with plenty of kills, but have also had some bad matches, which happens. Have also had some fun matches with various players, from all over the place.

But lately I have been playing the first game, The Conduit, a lot more, and others have been joining me in doing so, and we have had fun, and naturally run into the hackers and glitchers.

And in the next couple of weeks I think I will be playing a lot more TCON, for one reason. I want to level up my gold profile, and the XP needed to get up to the next level is normally a large amount. Some games Im lucky if I get close to 100 XP in a match.

What if the same levelling up process had been applied to C2? Would it be tougher to level up your profile or easier?
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User Info: xXAISPXx

3 years ago#2
11/11/11, truly an honorable date.
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User Info: Derppopotamus

3 years ago#3
c: Andy, I have no idea when I started playing. A Januarys or two ago, I guess. You've been an inspiration to me, big fellah. Many families don't stay as close as yours. And I've always wanted to grow up and be a loving father whose family is most important to him, just like you. ^_^
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