After all the time you played on C2

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User Info: SrChronic

3 years ago#11
I gave it a 7. I've had a lot of fun with the game and I've put hundreds of hours into it, but I'm an honest guy and with the number of issues this game has I just can't give it anything higher than a 7.
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User Info: xXAISPXx

3 years ago#12
Hedgehog_Knight posted...
xXAISPXx posted...
Hedgehog_Knight posted...

It's a great game, but it's clear that I've missed all the fun. The public matches are going the way of MPH, 90% of the playerbase just cares about easy kills, and there are only a few people that are fun to play with.

I haven't really played many of the players at GameFAQs, but it's always such a hassle to set things up.

I forgot what your game name was.

That's understandable, considering I've only been playing for around a month. My name is OutDreamer.

I never knew what your game name was. I would have expected it to be similar to your gameFAQs name, but it wasn't. Therefore, it was relevant to ask.
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