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User Info: darthone2919

3 years ago#21
who cares if someone glitches, Like Justin said before he left "Glitches are for Bit****

And so what if he glitches just have a Phase rifle or a noob weapon like widow and he will be dead in no time or just get some pro players with long range weapons like scar or strike rifle and there you go.
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User Info: _DarkC2

3 years ago#22
old_man_mossy posted...
_DarkC2 posted...
xXAISPXx posted...
Glitch in the campaign, or in private matches.

Since I only have tcon temporarily, I'm gonna glitch in it. But not in C2, I value other people's sanity in that game XD


I'd say you don't give a toss about your fellow players sanity at all; rather you don't want the pain and suffering of fellow player shunning that would happen to you if you routinely glitches in C2.

I feel that you are either using it as an excuse ... As your annoyance won't be around long since it's just a temporary rental....or you don't care at all since it's a disposable profile as far as legacy or reputation goes.

Don't get me wrong... Do what you want to; you can't be stopped anyway. Just don't say that your going to glitch anyway, but just on TCON because you value your fellow players sanity. Lol...that's just silly,

Akin to saying "I 'll sucker punch people on Tuesday, but not on I value the dental work of strangers I will meet on Friday."

cheat, or do not cheat... There is No valor or respect in cheating though; and sadly only short sighted folks think it's for the greater good or that they are doing the community a service by misbehaving at one house and claiming sainthood at another!

Ask yourself this. Why is it you'll glitch out TCON but behave here. Do you think such communities are so far removed?


Well I mean... Um... Uh... Er... Ah......
It's just... Fun... Really though. It is soooo fun. I usually don't win anyways, for I die attempting to DO the glitch. Really. I'm sure that some people on the forums have done it.
"Them's fightin words boy"-P4G
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User Info: eig7hty

3 years ago#23
^^^^Doesn't matter, you still attempted it, and once again, just because someone else does something, it doesn't mean you should do the same :x
If the result of tommorrow is today, what would you have done yesterday?

User Info: xXAISPXx

3 years ago#24
eig7hty posted...
^^^^Doesn't matter, you still attempted it, and once again, just because someone else does something, it doesn't mean you should do the same :x

He's warned enough. We'll continue to chastise him if he perseveres himself into a renegade. We can only hope it won't go too far.
SOTD: "Noob tube or Pro Pipe, feel free to input no matter your opinion." -Mossy
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