Epic Time Last Night

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User Info: Green_Berets

3 years ago#1
So, I was playing alone against FLAMEMey and FLAMELuisEC last night and it was hilarious. I wish I had video to show you guys it. It was epic.
I was stealthing in the Streets Prime and jungle area (can't remember the name) and they were wandering all over. I hid on ladders and in tunnels, even hid by the stairs and they passed right by me, and still managed to beat them. I had even gotten both chasing me at the same time and they were trying to flank me and managed to take them both out. I hid behind a column after and they passed and killed Mey before Luis shot me in the face.
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User Info: Mey_girl

3 years ago#2
I didn't want to kill you, because you always leave. But was fun. My last match.
C2 mey 0089-3770-2965
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User Info: luisecondez

3 years ago#3
GG you played really good! congratulations! :)
btw, sorry for my english...

User Info: kastastic

3 years ago#4
You were playing with a couple of the funnest people to ever play with....
Were you using stealth?

You should get a capture device...Christmas is coming ya know.
Oh, just in case you missed it....I made this video just for you ;)
*NEW...The Setup>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLXmgwOP_bo
**Agartha Fun>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfzXzf047qU
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