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3 years ago#11
I'm a bit of an ambush.

Force people to approach me in CC when I'm playing serious.
But when I'm not so serious, I kinda just rush, and pretend like it was really an ambush.
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User Info: JVC-space

3 years ago#12
Killing rapidely my foes is'nt my objective. My objective is to be sure to kill my foes, so preparation is everything to me, I don't let any place to chance. Too many peoples resheach the ease, and are unable to use corretly some weapons. Most of players in C2, try to rush, and if they can't rush they snipe. It's the facility. They use all the weapons in the same way. So many weapons are delected, cause they aren't the best way to do what they want (rushing and sniping). So, it's frequent to see guys comparing, for exemple, SR with the PR. Ok, If it float their boat... BUT, they compared the 2 weapons as snipes. But it's totally absurd, cause the sniper in definition, is rapid and precise but it's absurd cause the weapon that is closest to this définition is without any doubt the PR better in precision and in rapidity than the SR. Also, in définition the sniper have to don't be seen, so both can one shot and both need a primary upgrade for one shot, and can't be used with stealth. In conclusion : Strike rifle is decidedly less good than the PR for sniping. I didn't say it is worse than the PR, but just worse in the sniping category (SR has other advanges, the PR haven't got). Now, let's compare like with like. PR with the ARC-eclipse. PR can one shot the head with no perks. So it's a double advantage :
- You can't been seen by your target after a succesful shot
- The rapidity advantage
PR and ARC eclipse seem as well as accured (if you have an hawkeye of course:)). But Arc-eclipse has a secondary fire which permise the user to be invisible, and couldn't be seen especially when using stealth. Also the user can go where and when he wants without be seen wants (well almost). it's a camouflage advantage the PR havan't go. That's why the two weapons can be compared as snipe. Nobody can't say : "the PR is a better sniper than the ARC-eclipse" or the reverse, cause each weapon has a thing (corresponding to the sniper definition) the other can't do.

This was a parenthesis, criticizing, a style of play, I don't like

User Info: xXAISPXx

3 years ago#13
Toho2 posted...
I've always enjoyed alien weaponry. Just picking something up that has projectiles that are different than the usual bullet stuff and having a creative design, always puts a smile on my face. I typically want to get right in on the action, so I like to rush. I use whatever tactics I can to get an advantage over someone else, provided there not OP.

I'm like that in Halo. I find myself better at the Needler rifle than the Human Sniper Rifle.
SOTD: "If handing the board to a younger gen killed it, I'd hate to see humanity in the coming generations." -Jaye

User Info: JVC-space

3 years ago#14
Second part :
development of my play style :

I like using underused weapons, trying to find a way to use them in my advantage.
Some weapons have uniques competences, but are still difficults to use them (Example : warp pistols ball's who bounce or shrieker and its umnaned fires). I search stategies who don't depends of my opponents. I like weapons who give to your targets only a few choices, permise you to predict their actions and counter them. I also like using unusual technics with usual weapons.

If there's one word for describing my play style, I would say : preparation.

User Info: Toho2

3 years ago#15
xXAISPXx posted...
I'm like that in Halo. I find myself better at the Needler rifle than the Human Sniper Rifle.


User Info: JVC-Airtime2

3 years ago#16
Bunny hop

User Info: xXAISPXx

3 years ago#17
JVC-Airtime2 posted...
Bunny hop

Yes...I can vouch for that........
SOTD: "If handing the board to a younger gen killed it, I'd hate to see humanity in the coming generations." -Jaye

User Info: Shooter613

3 years ago#18
Shoot others.
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User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#19
What is my play style?

Depends on the type of game and situation.In Clan wars Im more of an assisting player, trying to cover team mates of mine when they are attacking. TPC mines and Shrieker rounds can be very effective.

In general game play, its a case of lets see how long I can survive and if I can take an opponent down first. For me its not always a case of seeing how many people I can kill in a row without dying myself. Now its purely a case of seeing who I can beat and who I cant, and doing that is more fun to me.

When I first started playing C2 it was a case of trying to avoid being punched to death by a master of the tactic, but killing him for the first time nearly made me fall off my sofa.

What do I enjoy most about the game? Popping on late and night, and just having some fun.

What annoys me the most? Bunny hoppers. But as most of you should know I like my Rad grenades and love sticking a hopper with a rad and then saying to myself, Hop out of that!
NNID - AndyInTheUK. Now writing the complete Cryptology for Conduit 2.

User Info: hc-valkiria

3 years ago#20
My style?

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