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User Info: iV3N0M

3 years ago#21
It seems this individual has met his inevitable demise with self-mortification and some delayed gratification. It seems it didn't have to be this way; for example you could have just stop hacking and played the game like everyone else to maybe fulfill what you feel responsible for. A grudge should not be created but an understanding to comprehend the stigma left by you. I believe there is always a place In a infuriated community for someone like you because after all there are always the "gadflies" that meant better but ultimately failed in the purpose.

User Info: LigersRule

3 years ago#22
How is this any different from when you joined the board, Tevas? You came into the board with everybody hating you and your family for hacking in pubs. Then you apologized and said you would never do it again. Everybody forgave you, but you KEPT hacking in pubs, though more subtly. Still, most people didn't focus on that, and pretended otherwise.

and then... THEN you started threatening people. And when people said "yeah, shove off", you released codes to the entire internet, allowing ANYBODY to become a hacker if they wanted to.

So tell me. How is this different? You apologized, we forgave you, you burned us. So why, pray tell, does anybody have any reason to believe you've changed.
*Insert 25 wit here*
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