Another Conduit 2 Video.

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User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#1
Have just finished uploading yet another C2 video, but this one is very different.

There is no fighting in it at all.

Scattered around in the Campaign mode are ten radio's. And this video is what the all say. Some have taken several attempts to capture fully, the second radio on the Trust Platform is the worst.

So here is the link -

And to accompany the video, am going to post the transcripts of each transmission, which are 99% complete.
NNID - AndyInTheUK. Now writing the complete Cryptology for Conduit 2.

User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#2
a) 1st Trust Platform Radio.

Channel 1. “Scans indicate an abnormal tidal shift in tile 5, 2, 2, K, Y, 4, 5. Deepmover confirms movement for possible Omega 3.”
“Satcom, received. Possible Omega 3 detection at 5, 2, 2, K, Y, 4, 5.”
“Deepmover taking position.”
“This is Deepmover, requesting thermal scan on our position.”
“Satellite manoeuvring to position. Mark 5 for completion.”
“Satcom, contact. Pinging our tile. Requesting access to military movement data for possible military contact.”
“Roger, pinging your tile. Accessing military networks.”
“Deepmover, this is Arc. Date of thermal activity matches with anomalous detection of target sight. Advise caution.”
“Satellite overhead, scanning for thermal disturbances. Mark 4 for completion.”
“Our power grid is spiking. We will be offline whilst we investigate.”

Channel 2. “Satcom, requesting confirmation that Agent Ford is on board”
“Flagstaff. Satcom. Requesting, repeat last.”
“Satcom this is Flagstaff. Is Ford on board?”
“Satcom, this is all staticy, all staticy right here. We can’t understand what’s going on.”
“Oh screw it. This is Flagstaff, declaring a level two emergency. Containment broken. Whereabouts of Ford unknown. Repeat. General containment emergency level two. Target – Agent Michael Ford.”

Channel 3. “This is Alpha station; back-up conduit is offline. Air evac is down. Requesting manual evacuation.”
“Delta to Alpha, signal broken, please repeat.”
“Repeating, back-up conduit offline. Air evac down. Requesting manual evacuation and assistance.”
“Roger, assistance requested. Mobilising ground assistance and quarantine procedures.”
“Alpha, relaying from (unclear) establish a quarantine perimeter, and copy data to Delta”
“Delta please repeat last. Confirm data transmission.”
“Alpha from Delta, confirm data transmission. Send data.”
NNID - AndyInTheUK. Now writing the complete Cryptology for Conduit 2.

User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#3
b) 2nd Trust Platform Radio.

Channel 1. “We have reports at this hour of a huge explosion in Fredericksburg Military Park. Initial reports indicate that an unknown number of civilian personnel, as well as at least fifty park workers, have been killed.”
“The explosion is being blamed on a ruptured junction line for a number of natural gas pipelines beneath Chatham Manor.”
“The reports that I’ve read say the federal presence in the area is very active, and that in the wake of this explosion a number of different agencies and people were seen leaving the compound.”
“We have called local hospitals, and while they have been flooded with patients due to the troubles in the DC Metro area, they’ve received no burns victims, or really victims of any kind from the Fredericksburg Park area.”
“As a side note, River, we have been able to confirm those recent reports regarding the thefts of military and government officials that had been killed during the riots in the DC area.”
“We’re calling them riots right now, Robert, but an increasing number of media sources reports having positive footage that this is actually an alien invasion.”
“I have heard those same reports, and I know most of our listeners have as well. Every caller from that area echoes the same sentiment, that this is not an earthly attack. I never thought I would be seriously saying this on the air, but after seeing some of the footage and hearing the reports, I agree. This is an alien invasion.”
“What still remains to be seen is the governmental response to this. Early reports seem to have been debunked by officials, but seeing the sheer size and scope of the reports coming in, I think we have to bow to the certainty that we have proof that we are now longer alone in the universe.”
“The current unrest is still apparently confined to the DC Metro area, but in light of this latest explosion report, along with the associated federal presence and dramatic responses, I am wondering if our containment efforts have failed.”
“And if that is the case, does this have any connection to the apparent travel ban in the Daytona Beach area?”

Channel 2. “Hello, welcome. This is Milton Lightman, and you’re here for the truth. We have two guests in the studio today. First is Ron Edwards, long time friend of the program, and contributor to the righteous magazine, The Federalist.”
“And from the Open Waters Movement, program director, Laura Wildeshire.”
“Ron, you first.”
“Recent story regarding restricted travel along coastal waters and airways off the Daytona coast. What’s happening? Let’s get to the truth.”
“Well, Milton, there are reports that our military is assembling off the coast. I suspect we’ve identified the terrorists behind the DC attacks, and we’re amassing a naval response to that threat.”
“With this rash of civil unrest in these, err well, let’s call them reports, are we certain that this is not a larger scheme to keep us too afraid to question our governments actions.”
“I think you nailed it, Milton. The Liberal agenda seems to be using the same old scare tactics Liberals have always used, to keep Americans from asking the important questions.”
“What kinds of questions, Laura?”
“Is this an attack by a foreign power? Are these attacks due to our complacency regarding our national defense? I mean, Milton, we all saw the delay FEMA have with Katrina. But we’ve heard nothing from our supposed leaders regarding a response to these latest outrages in Washington. Why the disparity?”
“Well, do we have to give them the benefit of the doubt? I mean with reaction of this magnitude, surely something must be happening, right? Thoughts, Ron.”
NNID - AndyInTheUK. Now writing the complete Cryptology for Conduit 2.

User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#4
b) 2nd Trust Platform Radio (Continued)
“Our duty as Americans is to fully support our military without question. In situations such as this we need to be prepared to do anything and everything to keep our citizens safe, without the harmful and dangerous restrictions put upon by our brave men and women, by a cowardly government.”

c) Atlantis Radio.

“Deepmover. Arc. Conduit activity in your grid sector. Confirm.”
“Contact confirmed. We have an Omega 3 incursion. Advise evacuation of local
study teams.”
“Deepmover. Confirming contact with Omega 3. Repeat. Confirming contact.”
“Recommend immediate response.”
“Roger, Deepmover. Confirmation received. Issuing evacuation orders.”
“Arc from Satcom. Priority One evacuation. Repeat. Confirmed level one threat imminent. Immediate full evacuation of all local facilities authorised.”
“Satcom. Evacuation order received. Data transfer to add trays is under way. Personnel evacuation complete in 15 minutes.”
“Arc from Satcom. Confirmation received. Data transfer under way. Evacuation complete in 15 minutes.”
“Deepmover. Mark 15 on your clocks. Full sanitation strike. Mark 15 for
“Satcom. Deepmover confirming authorisation for sanitation strike on Arc.
Marking 15. Marked.”

d) 1st Washington DC Radio.

Channel 1. “This is Shield. We’re nearing our objective. Permission to initiate primary action.”
“Shield, this is Com. Bright Sky waiting for final checkdown of Fords’ position.”
“Roger, holding. Position stable, no hostiles.”
“The pieces are moving and the morning sun is rising. Operation Bright Sky is a go. Permission granted for primary action, Shield. Repeat, permission granted for primary action.”
“Roger, Shield is active. Going silent.”

Channel 2. ““This is Ground Swell, reporting eighty percent capacity. Permission to offload subjects to Archaletta.”
“Ground Swell, permission granted. Archaletta is open and we...”
“Received Central, we’re closing up the shop, and moving them to Archaletta.”
“Ground Swell, en route to Archaletta. Transfer protocols active.”
“Archaletta transfer protocols in place. Moving to encrypted channel, enabling scrambler.”

Channel 3. “This is Oracle, we are tracking Target One inside the zone. Repeat, Target One is in the zone”
“Roger Oracle, target one is in the zone. Commence Bright Sky. Repeat, commence Bright Sky.”
“Orders received, Command. Bright Sky is active. Sword, you are confirmed for Bright Sky.”
“This is Sword. We are go with Bright Sky. Target One acquired.”
“Good hunting Sword”
NNID - AndyInTheUK. Now writing the complete Cryptology for Conduit 2.

User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#5
e) 2nd Washington DC Radio.

Channel 1. “This is Marian Paulsen, reporting live from near Fredericksburg, the site of a suspected nuclear detonation. Authorities have already confiscated our video equipment, and the audio gear is soon to follow. The various departments on site right now seem numerous and nervous.”
“My cameraman Henry is being taken for interrogation right now. They won’t let me stay in the same room with him. I’m not sure what they have to ask us, they don’t seem to realise the audio equipment is broadcasting.”
“You will have to come with us, now, Miss Paulsen. This way. Henry’s fine, we just have a few questions, and we’ll get you on your way.”
“They have me sitting in a small tent. I think I’m still in broadcast range. They haven’t asked me anything, but there is a hospital bed with an IV drip set in the corner of the room. I have no idea what’s going on.”
“Marion, Marion, erm, we’re going to try to find out what’s happening down in Fredericksburg. In the mean time we’ll be right back, after this.”

Channel 2. This channel plays the Drudge Rap. For further details click this link –

Channel 3. “Reports that Chatham Manor has been the site of a recent nuclear detonation are filtering in. We have contacted the Authorities, but have yet to receive a response.”
“Mandatory evacuation protocols are still in force for the D.C. metro area. Residents are asked to stay within their homes until National Guard units arrive in their neighborhoods, to facilitate the evacuation.”
“Residents are asked not to bring more than a single suitcase of goods with them.”
“While pockets of violence are still very much a threat, most residents are reporting that major incidents seem to be dwindling.”
“A partial collapse of Metro tunnels near the Smithsonian has limited access to that area.”
“A source inside local military forces has indicated that, given the level of resistance around the Museum areas, there is some consideration being given to an artillery strike on the area.”
“Military forces are reportedly massing near the White House, to lead an offensive south into the National Mall. An alert will be issued regarding this soon.”
“And any residents in the area are advised that this action will be both dangerous and decisive, and that civilian protection cannot be guaranteed.”
“An update to the incident at Chatham Manor. The reports of a nuclear detonation have been refuted by local N.E.S.T teams. But some concern that a non traditional source was the cause, has given local forces some pause.”
“Civilians are being barred within five miles from the site where the Manor once stood.”
“We have reports that a self styled local militia has been pinned down in the old Post Office Pavilion.”
“Residents are advised to evacuate the surrounding area, and to ignore radio calls for rescue. Military forces are en route.”
“We have reports, sketchy at best, of para-military forces fighting against National Guards, and other military forces. Anyone having information regarding these reports, please contact our radio station immediately.”
“There are reports that many of the refugee sites within the cordon zone are seeing concerted strikes from alien forces. We are being asked to withhold specific locations of these sites for that reason.”
“We have received more than ten phone calls within the last hour regarding apparent military forces in gas masks that have been dragging civilians out of their homes, and throwing them into trucks. We have no information regarding who, or why, but we are investigating now.”
NNID - AndyInTheUK. Now writing the complete Cryptology for Conduit 2.

User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#6
f) 3rd Washington DC Radio.

Channel 1. “This is Gordon Welles, bringing you the truth. I’m outside tonight, watching our country fight back against the alien invasion.”
“Bombs are still dropping and gunfire while more sporadic, is still a real threat.”
“Holy flying spaghetti monster, a news helicopter was just shot down by a military chopper. Something is going on here. I, I’ve heard the government wants to keep the actions happening here very quiet, but this is the most direct action I have seen.”
“I’ve seen squads of para-military types with what I can only describe as ray guns, forcing people out of their homes. They seem to be leading a mass kidnapping for their own ends.”
“I have to be careful here, there are some alien forces in the area. They seem to be disabling vehicles along side the road. Civilians are being herded through glowing portals. Para-military types are leading them, something big is happening. It feels as if this chaotic air is intentional, something is going on, and I’m going to find out what.”
“I just overheard a recon team from the army talking about some sort of egg sacks in the reflecting pool.”
“Last time we spoke about a new triangle larger than Bermuda, I suspected D.C., Germany and China as legs of the triangle. I now think in light of these reports recently, I may have been a bit west in my calculations.”
“Some of the numbers stations are increasing in frequency, and using new ciphers. Has anyone broken the new code?”
“I think these savours of ours cannot be trusted. Be wary of anyone at your doors.”

g) China Radio.

Channel 1. “Bravo, this is Alpha, what is the sit-rep?”
“Bravo is reporting all clear. Ready to proceed with infiltration.”
“Received Bravo, proceed with caution”
“Delta, this is Alpha. Bravo is moving in, reposition for support.”
“From Delta, we are all clear, changing position for support.”
“From Alpha, I want regular (sound of gunfire and screaming)”
“Alpha, come in, Alpha. Delta, hold the address, we are willing to join. Delta, come in.”
“This is Delta, we are moving to the address. Alpha is down. We are seeing energy weapons discharge. Repeat, Alpha is down.”
“Right, we are two minutes from rendezvous. Radio Command, we are extracting”

Channel 2. “Alpha, from Gamma. We are on a wide circuit. All signs point to an all clear situation”
“Alpha, Alpha, do you read? We are quiet and clear”
“Gamma from Delta. Alpha is down. We are extracting”
“Negative on your last, Delta. Command has issued a critical protocol to this
mission. Proceed as planned”
“Gamma, authenticate order protocol. We have received your critical
“Delta, we are authenticating. 21, 9, 6, 18, 22, 6, 6, 15, 10, 20, 5, 6, 25.”
“Authentication received, we are at critical protocol. Bravo, we are still go.”

Channel 3. “Err, this is Zeta. Drudge troops are operating at peak reaction timing. We are green across the board.”
“This is Zeta. We are up and running here, awaiting go.”
“This is Zeta. We have not heard anything from field units, we are ready for action”
“Zeta, we have received your status. Remain radio silent until activated by field personnel. Out”

Channel 4. “Delta, we are at the temple. We are requesting permission to use breaching equipment to access the inter sanctum.”
“Permission granted, we are in position.”
NNID - AndyInTheUK. Now writing the complete Cryptology for Conduit 2.

User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#7
h) Siberia Crash Radio.

Channel 1. “I am Vasily Danchev, and I’m currently receiving numerous reports that despite rumours that the unrest in America is dying down, military forces around the world are standing at ready. I am thinking that some of the reports of this unrest is covering something bigger. Our own country is calling its troops to their stations, and my friends in Europe are reporting that UN forces in the continent are being organised for rapid deployment. Reports coming in tell me that America is regaining control, but I don’t believe it. At least I think this is too early to report, and more unrest will likely follow. This feels too similar to an activism that is not easily quelled. I do not want to speculate, but with America so busy, their usual role of whistle-blowing for the world is not present. I wonder how many petty vengeances will be enacted while this fighting happens in America.”

i) Siberia Radio.

Channel 1. “Command, we’re investigating Target One but... we think that it might be Agent Ford. Should we...?”
“The target’s identity is immaterial. You have your orders.”
“Understood. We are eliminating Target One, Sir!”
“Field Operations, this is Station Security. Target is confirmed for elimination.”
“Received Security, we’re on it. Red Code’s active, on the hunt.”

Channel 2. “Corps Cen, we’ve had a minor uprising of Free Drudge, we have them rounded up and penned in. We need field translation before we can liquidate ‘em.”
“Sec One, we have your request. Field translation units are on other missions. Permission to liquidate, out of sight, is granted. Proceed Sec One.”
“Confirmed Corps Cen, we are in process.”
“Archangel, this is Sec One. Permission to liquidate immediately granted. Light the site.”
“This is launched.”

j) Precipice Radio.

Channel 1. “Err Recon, this is Com. Possible unauthorised Conduit activity in sector Alpha 2. Investigate and report immediately.”
“This is Picket 1, we are eyes on in for Alpha 2 for intrusion, weapons free.”
“Received Picket 1, weapons free.”
“Area forces in sector Alpha 2, suspected intrusion. All personnel are required to comply with all security forces requests. Failure to comply will result in possible injury.”

Channel 2. “Dolce base, this is Picket 2, we are in place to provide support.”
“Received, Picket 2. Hold your positions and await orders from Picket 1.”
“No problem, base. We are holding.”

Channel 3. “Doctor Mendleton, we have it. They are using a three rail encryption system. Uploading clear text now.”
“We need the rest of the research material from Martin, Fernandez, and Conyarai. I can’t get access, it keeps telling me my data base is out of date.” “Err, what are the coordinates again? Right, two nine point two five seven zero five by eight zero point seven five zero two zero. Got it.”
NNID - AndyInTheUK. Now writing the complete Cryptology for Conduit 2.

User Info: kastastic

3 years ago#8
WOW...I was just going to singn in and send you a message to see if you by any chance had the Drudge
Found it in your post...Thanks.

Why would I want the Drudge Rap?
^I am working on an animated video with a Drudge toon...Gonna make him do the dance with the rap.

???Has anyone created a good picture of the Drudge?
With the arms away from the body a little for adding bones to animate.
If so could I share your photo via animation?
*NEW...The Setup>
**Agartha Fun>

User Info: ZAV1010

3 years ago#9
This is a great video. It must have taken a long time to make.
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User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#10
It did take some time to record all of the transmissions. The hardest one was the second radio on the Oil Rig, a Trust soldier keeps interrupting.

But found switching off certain sound controls made recording easier. Editing was fun lol.
NNID - AndyInTheUK. Now writing the complete Cryptology for Conduit 2.
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