Final 2013 PR Match

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User Info: CmoIsDaNam3

3 years ago#1

As the C2 community closes out 2013, I decided to start a another PR match to celebrate! And this time, I'm recording! Also, to those who have Skype, afterwards we can do a dual-comm over it if you are interested. Add me on Skype if you wish to be apart of that!

Also, to note, I'm actually starting this in 20 minutes, and will this will take place from today 20 minutes from (As of 8:52 PM EST), till 11:00 PM, and tomorrow 8;30 AM to 5:00 PM, so, if you wish to be apart, let me know.

You will have to add a new profile btw, which will be deleted after this event because I like making alts lol


Primary weapon: Phase Rifle ONLY
Secondary weapon: HVS.45, USP.45, MP5KA4, Warp Pistol, Deatomizer MK4
Grenades: Frags ONLY (Please DO NOT use Radiation or Flash grenades)

Time Limit: 20 minutes
Point Limit: 15, (4 people or lower) 25, (5 to 8) 35, (9 to 12).
Respawn Timer: 0 seconds (4 people or lower) 2 seconds (5 people to 8) 4 seconds (9 people to 12)

Player Health: 62
Health Regeneration: 100
Run Speed: 125 (Basically Supercharger by default)
Gravity: 100
Radar: Enabled
Lock-On: Enabled
Loadout: Personal (Unless otherwise, I'll explain that soon)
Weapon Pick-ups: Off
Ammo Dumps: Off

Banned perks:
Reverse Damage
Phase Rifle Tuning

Pentagon Prime
Streets Prime
Sanctum Prime
Crash Site

ALSO, I NEED to make this VERY clear.

If you do not follow these rules (Ex: No flash, radiation grenades, ect) I will revert to Custom Match Loadouts, please follow them, and if multiple people, as well as multiple times (Ex: 1 person over, 3 times, 2 people, over 2 times, 3 or more people, 1 time) I WILL REVERT TO CUSTOM LOADOUTS FOR THE REST OF THE SESSIONS and that's not fun for me, or for you, so just follow the rules, k? If you do not like them, then do not join, or comment on them, they will stay how they are.

Also, quick tip: I've noticed that in the last few private matches that I've ran people run PR Specialization, and I want to let you know that it is near useless to run it in these matches. Why? Because with the Health set so low you won't need it most cases, only when someone runs a Double Armor loadout will it be needed. (And DA is allowed for these matches btw)

Also, PR Specialization puts you on the radar CONSTANTLY, so unless you know someone is running that DA loadout, don't run it, it will make you worse. :)

And this goes for all my PMs, I lower the HP just so you DON'T have to run it.

My Skype name: xshottyspas

FC: 2366-9133-8276

I hope to see you all there! It starts in 20 minutes! (As of 8:52 PM EST 12/30/2013)

Thanks for reading, hope you consider joining. :)

Conduit, More, Often.
Integrate - A Conduit 2 Dualtage WATCH HERE:

User Info: CmoIsDaNam3

3 years ago#2
Still hosting for 40 more minutes! JOIN!! :D
Conduit, More, Often.
Integrate - A Conduit 2 Dualtage WATCH HERE:
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