Did anyone see the Light tonight?

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User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#1
Have just been online, and using 2 of my profiles, but decided to double tap a bit, speeds the game up.

So did anyone see a bright white light as I dispatched them on their way to heaven.

After all it is my trademark lol.
NNID - AndyInTheUK. Now writing the complete Cryptology for Conduit 2.

User Info: xXAISPXx

3 years ago#2
I saw it. That one light that I turn on every school morning. I'll tell you, it's the worst of them all.
SOTD: "Try and catch me riding dirty." -Derpy

User Info: 1Pefrog

3 years ago#3
No white light for me, just worms. : /
More people are killed by donkeys annually than are killed in plane crashes.
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  3. Did anyone see the Light tonight?

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