should i play C1 before i plaly C2.

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  3. should i play C1 before i plaly C2.
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User Info: JVC-Ashura

3 years ago#12
_Signal posted...
What I think you'll find is that people who played TCon's multiplayer first generally don't like C2's multiplayer for a number of reasons.

I prefer C2's multiplayer, because I think the movement is a little quicker and freer.

Obviously we'd like to have you playing C2 online : )

^ Agree.

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User Info: Derppopotamus

3 years ago#13
A-Thon_X posted...
tcons' campaign is way better, but c2 has a better multiplayer, tho i miss some of those tcon maps.

I can agree with this.
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  3. should i play C1 before i plaly C2.

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