Thirteen games HVS should make.

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3 years ago#1
I'll start.

Conduit 3.
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User Info: PUNCHOUT1116

3 years ago#2
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User Info: Hu1kSmAsh

3 years ago#3
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User Info: TheOmegaShen

3 years ago#4
Conduit 3..2

And then we can have Conduit 3 2..2
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User Info: _Signal

3 years ago#5
I'd love to see some version of Richard Matheson's I Am Legend make it to a good videogame.

For those of you wondering, Matheson's book was very different than the mess-of-a-Will-Smith-movie that came out a few years ago. Matheson's book was about vampires, and their zombie-like siege of the protagonist's house.

Matheson pretty much invented the zombie siege years before George A. Romero popularized it with Night of the Living Dead. He just did it with vampires. The story has been made into movies several times, and while the Vincent Price movie The Last Man on Earth is the truest to Matheson's book, my favorite version of the movie is the one with Charlton Heston, The Omega Man. The Heston movie uses mutated survivors of germ warfare instead of vampires or zombies. They are self-aware, organized, and bent on destroying Heston and any other remnant of "advanced" civilization. It would be perfect for a FPS, as he spends every day searching for their "nest," with plans of exterminating them, while they outnumber and hunt him at night.

It even has a nice opportunity for co-op built right in.

Oh, and did I mention when I saw it on TV as a kid it scared the dickens out of me!
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User Info: The_Mad_Kitten

3 years ago#6
Kitten paw petter and snout toucher! **IN 3D!!!**
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User Info: Derppopotamus

3 years ago#7
PUNCHOUT1116 posted...

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User Info: G3_Razor

3 years ago#8
Conduit 2.1 Smaw=nerfed, scar=slightly nerfed, spas=slightly nerfed, more perks, and LESS LAG
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User Info: nightfire0013

3 years ago#9
A dangerous foe, if a somewhat disinterested ally.

User Info: _Signal

3 years ago#10
nightfire0013 posted...

Wow, that sounds like a really cool idea. What's it about?
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