What's your funniest Conduit 2 moment?

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User Info: Hedgehog_Knight

3 years ago#21
Mine was a triple kill I got in a Pentagon Prime Team CTF match. It was 2-on-4, and the enemy had our ASE. They were a pretty coordinated team, defending the guy who had the ASE, but when they grouped together at the mouth of their base, I swept 3 of them with charged Deatomizer shots. I also got the flag runner after he scored and was exiting the base. It would've been a blaster kill if I had gotten to him 2 seconds earlier.

Honorable mention to all the times the game desynced and loaded the maps wrong. I remember one where it loaded me and 2 of my teammates in Serenity, but the enemy and 1 teammate got loaded into Whitout or Lost City. Nobody in Serenity was equipped with a PR, so mostly all we could do was spectate as our Teammate went 1v1, floating around out of bounds. There was also a lobby that kept assigning grossly mismatched teams. It got to the point where it was 6-on-2 from the start. I also remember a CTF match where nobody could pick up the ASEs.
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User Info: B05S_P4G

3 years ago#22
I did play a Power Surge with no generators. I think it would've gone on infinitely...
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User Info: old_man_mossy

3 years ago#23
Playing invasion with my son and making it to final round, pre crawling skimmers.

Samu5, Jr. & I (and there was someone else too..but I can't remember who) all playing online together one day when I tried to get clanstock happening. It was funny to hear my sons amazement with Samu5 and how he kept insisting I put him on his team, lol.

Signal & me playing hide and seek on Argatha when her wrist was sore.

My attempt at the low health league and "call of conduit" and how a good handful of you helped me try it out (with disastrous results, lol...but it's always fun playing with friends)

Along that same line...the Lost Cause/Left*Overs clan war, it was a lagtastic nightmare but hey, fun with friends. Plus the t-porting was so bad it sorta was funny!

The huge amount of support you guys gave Left*Overs back in they day, believe it or not, before multi clanning was looked on so harshly, L*O prob had about 90% of the board in it! XD

The one game where it was just Samu5 and I on crash site and he entertained my interests and preference by matching loadouts of HVS45 & phase rifle/strike rifle and we sat across map just plinking at one another. He could have closed and finished me off early, repeatedly. Instead he played in a way that was actually fun for me!

Finally getting a chance to talk to Jaye on mic! And though it only happened once, Punchy too.

The discussion and play, in game and on here that resulted in the "Punch Patch" HVS did a great job on working with fans to fix what needed fixed.

Many great memories...many fun times . As glitched and awfull as the lag can sometimes be....I'm still wating for something like C2 to happen again.
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User Info: dacheatcode

3 years ago#24
aegis duels
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User Info: Derppopotamus

3 years ago#25
_Signal posted...
Derppopotamus posted...

Looking back on this, was pretty funny.

Hahaa, yeah it was funny, but wow do I miss those people.

Excuse me? Did you think replying to my message would be on-topic? Think again! PREPARE FOR MODERATION.

loljk<3 :P
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