But what time May 20th!

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User Info: _Signal

3 years ago#1
On May 20th, when the Nintendo WiFi servers go down, I want to - Results (15 votes)
be in-game in C2 and get DC'd one last time.
73.33% (11 votes)
gracefully disconnect from C2's multiplayer with dignity, moments before it goes down.
13.33% (2 votes)
be playing another game that I want to say goodbye to (please elaborate).
0% (0 votes)
be as far from Nintendo WiFi as possible.
13.33% (2 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Assuming that we could know precisely when the servers will be going down, what do you want to be doing at that moment?

I'm not sure if I want to be in game, and get DC'd, or exit gracefully a few moments before it's shut down. I have to think about it more before I vote.

Yes, I know this is all moot, because it's doubtful that we'll learn precisely when they plan to shut the servers down, or if they will stick to that plan.

Also, I know that lots of you guys play other games that run on N-WiFi, would you want to be there?

I'm just curious if you could choose, what you'd be doing.

May 20th is a Tuesday.

It goes without saying that I'll want to be here with my friends as well.
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User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#2
Am going to try and be in C2 land as much as possible during that sad day, which will be exactly one week after my 50th birthday. Very nice way to start the year.

But I want to be playing with friends that I have known on this board, since I joined it.

Plus if im playing on the day, will be recording the matches in glorious HD for our friendships and memories.
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