My Email to Nintendo.

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3 years ago#21
Mindesyn posted...
You people obviously dont read the news. Nintendo has more problems on their plate then preserving some terrible online games.

Irrelevant. Nintendo's current situation does NOTHING to prevent them from making this a more consumer friendly transition.

Any of their first party games that utilize a strong online like Mario Kart and Smash bros are gonna be replaced within 6 months with the newer ones anyways.

So lets shut down WFC AFTER those games launch. How about that?

Capcom already pulled MHT along time ago, and Im surprised Sega has held the TCon and C2 servers out this long.

Likely, Capcom was using their own servers.
Sega has been using Nintendos.
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3 years ago#22

Id say instead of bothering Nintendo with whiny and selfish demands. Id be satisfied that the games you currently enjoy and play are in a situation you can still do so. Id say until this news hit this week, most of you didnt really care to go and play all these games online anyways.
You didnt want something until it was being taken away.

These games they're shutting down are some of the only ways I have of interacting with some of my distant friends. I'd say 80% of the time I currently commit to gaming is spent on the affected games.

It wouldn't be a problem if Nintendo had other games out which we could move to... But seeing as they have yet to be released, it puts us in a bit of a bother.

Saying we didn't care until the news hit is a very stupid remark.

Did anyone think that maybe the resources that are going to the Wii and DS WiFi could be better utilized for the Wii U?

I doubt it, unless Nintendo is just buying those resources as a service. 5-10 year old infrastructure really isn't going to contribute much to a new system.

Making sure Smash and Kart run smoothly and have enough personal and talent on board to make it not a complete mess?

I don't really think it takes much personnel or talent to maintain established systems.

Go ahead with your petitions and emails.

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User Info: PUNCHOUT1116

3 years ago#23
LigersRule posted...
PUNCHOUT1116 posted...
That said, maybe if the uproar is big enough, they'll actually take notice.

Yeah, not going to happen. If we were only targeting Nintendo of Europe, maybe. They're known for listening to fans and trying to benefit the consumer.

Nintendo of America is known for listening to fans, and then doing the exact opposite.

However, NoJ, the ones making this decision? They're known for being completely oblivious to everything. You couldn't convince them on a big decision like this even if you had every single person in the world write a 5 page essay and mail it to them.

Yeah I know, hence the brick wall with a foot comment. However, there is still a chance.

It's probably a 0.0000000000000001 chance lol
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User Info: TheOmegaShen

3 years ago#24
That was an extremely ignorant thing for you to say, Jaye.
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User Info: old_man_mossy

3 years ago#25
Go on miiverse. Post it in the update threads of that Tom guy. Or if you REALLY want it looked at, make general threads anywhere about it, just find a way to mention " friend code" a few times in the post. It will receive a full work up, lol!

What actually has me the most bummed short of you guys missing out on a favorite game... Is that now I can forget about playing Metroid Prime Hunters and Tecmo Bowl Kickoff any time soon. In those cases though, for me, Jaye is exactly right. I've always thought about playing them, talked about playing them...but haven't in a while.

Was REALLY thinking hard about playing Hunters though, as I'm hoping it's one of the DS games that's brought over to the wii u Eshop and here's hoping it retains that online multiplayer. I was going to try and brush up on lost skills so I wouldn't be shot so many times, lol.
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User Info: _Signal

3 years ago#26
Mindesyn posted...
and Im surprised Sega has held the TCon and C2 servers out this long.

Sega doesn't have anything to do with the servers, Nintendo runs them. I think it was Bob that told us that a while ago, but I'm not sure and I'd have to search. Anyway, it doesn't really matter.

Also, You're judging people here unfairly by saying we don't want something until its taken away. Most of us have been playing continuously since you and the majority of LC pulled out.

It's true that I've played a few hours of AC4 and Ghosts in the past three months. I think I have about 40 hours combined between the two of them. I've always come back to the simplicity of C2 because.

The WiiU doesn't need more resources.
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3 years ago#27
So, word on the street is that...

Some of the match making Technology and Services which Nintendo has been using for WFC had been bought out, some time ago actually. But that Nintendo had contracts in place that ensured continued support despite the buyout, and that those contracts end in may, without the possibility to renew.

So the only real option to keep this going would be to force a buyout. Which would be really stupid. Spending a fortune on old crappy matchmaking, when they already have much better technology.

Con2 supposedly could be updated to use Nintendo Network services, instead of WFC services.
But it would require both the cooperation of Nintendo, both updating the wii, and allowing use of their services, as well as probably Sega to allow HVS to produce and push the update.
All of which MAY need to be done before may 20th.

I think...
The best solution would be Punchouts solution.
WiiU eshop title, Con1+2 online.

HVS could publish w/o sega, and nintendo already has things in place on their end.

As far as Nintendo Consumerism is concerned...
I think they could have been much more transparent about it.
3 months notice is still not a lot.
Apparently this was know about, or at least somewhat anticipated, all the way back when they decided to make wii mini's w/o online.
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User Info: _Signal

3 years ago#28
Yeah, here's a little more info about it.
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User Info: A_S_A_PXx

3 years ago#29
Okay not trying to be rude but don't take offense to this but honestly Wii has been out since I was in third Grade and I am a Sophomore in High School. Maybe Its time to move on from the Wii and these games. I am said that Conduit 2 is going to be gone because I have made really good friends on this game. Have you thought that maybe then will make Conduit 3 & Smash for Xbox360? I have heard they will. You guys should think about getting a 360 if you guys are really getting this upset over them taking away WFC. I am a little sad to but don't get this mad. Maybe some of you can't buy it, but it is less than a WiiU. Cmo, Lethal and I play on the 360. If that you can't do that maybe make a Facebook page for all of us or something. Thanks to Mey, CMO, Luis, Memo, XG4, Drophy, Wasabee, and some others for being making me feel at home! Just sharing my ideas. Hopefully you guys figure it out! :)
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User Info: Shooter613

3 years ago#30
A_S_A_PXx posted...
Conduit 3 & Smash for Xbox360


the sad thing is you're not joking, huh?
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