[LC] vs. O$C but with a twist.

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User Info: ThePrisoner06

3 years ago#21
Jaye, as to who will host, think Ive got Foxy on my rivals list. Will go and check now and get back to you.

And am sure we will sort something out.

Update: Have just checked my friends/rivals list and I have got Foxy on it. So am prepared to host a set up match so that who ever is going to be host can send Foxy a rivals request.
NNID - AndyInTheUK. Now writing the complete Cryptology for Conduit 2.

User Info: Mindesyn

3 years ago#22
Ill host since Andy isnt on. 0648 6651 2743
You dont wanna mess with me boy, catalogue of carnage I am armed to destroy
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