The stupid Nintendo people shutting down servers.

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User Info: kastastic

3 years ago#41
old_man_mossy posted...
So those friends of yours....bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla,
And so on.......bla

Hi old man ;)
Sorry I could not resist......damn lurkers.
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User Info: LeThA169

3 years ago#42
You guys are messed up.

User Info: _Signal

3 years ago#43
My apologies if it seems like I try to troll Falcon every chance I get. My apologies to Falcon and everyone else, but truthfully I feel like I pass on more than 90% of the opportunities.

I have no problem with Falcon personally. I've tried to make nice with him by PM's and I think we're fine with each other, right Falcon?

I don't even mind the endless criticism of the game, because it does have it's flaws, but I do get so tired of the inadequately censored verbal diarrhea.

This has turned out to be quite the thread. And now I'm gonna play for a bit.
Even my signature is off-topic!
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User Info: xXAISPXx

3 years ago#44
Haha, that will never happen, sig.
RIP Jaye's dog...

User Info: Shooter613

3 years ago#45

Conduit 2: Shooter613/FC : 1249-4624-0371

User Info: The21stgun

3 years ago#46
Liquid_Falcolot posted...
Flipping burgers at Mickey D's counts as a job.

The term Mickey D's brings me back to the good ol' days
Stay Furry Forever!
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User Info: Unlucky_7

3 years ago#47
I don't see why they even bother modding me anymore.

User Info: Mindesyn

3 years ago#48
Unlucky_7 posted...
I don't see why they even bother modding me anymore.

The people do love to have a villain on this board.
You dont wanna mess with me boy, catalogue of carnage I am armed to destroy

User Info: old_man_mossy

3 years ago#49
I wouldn't call Falcon a villain, lol..a try hard villain, perhaps. Atleast I don't consider him socially maladjusted anymore, so much as challenged in the maturity department.....which is something I can at times relate to and even get behind.

Me myself though...I don't want a villain. I'm confident enoug in myself, choices , and morals enough not to need a "whipping boy" to build myself up off of. I feel villains are for being dealt with quickly, buried, and forgotten....not something to morally weigh against to feel less badly about oneself in comparison .

That's just me though ....and I suppose enough of the old guard here I know well enough to speak for.

In that respect, I disagree with you amigo. This board did great without a villian for a long while. Those, in fact , where some of my happier times here. Then there was that bit of madness two hunting seasons ago where I said "this is dumb" and left for better times and places till the place sorted itself out. When I came back, it still wasn't the same....but not that much different than it is now.

I don't enjoy myself here near as much as I use to....but what keeps me coming back are my friends or, as Falcons case was to me being so foreign (but somewhat familiar)...a social mystery...but not villains

I guess all are a catagory of people though and as a guy who had no functional copy of the game, that was my only draw; today that I finally found a used copy cheap enough to consider a purchase for the third time, lol.

I look forward to playing target for you all, as I haven't touched a wiimote shooter in..well, almost 2 years. That said, I had to do this. The game and community....flawed as they both can be...mean a great deal to me; I suspect they always will hold those memories of fond times with good people. As I said, I forget about the villains.
A big part of me tries very hard to behave. A small part of me laughs at the effort and behaves like an ass, anyway.

User Info: xXAISPXx

3 years ago#50
old_man_mossy posted...
I don't enjoy myself here near as much as I use to...

I feel you.
RIP Jaye's dog...
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