Day 58 Conduit 2 Map Detail Analysis: The Overlooks in Lost City

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User Info: _Signal

3 years ago#1
Two exceptional vantage points for sniping are The Overlooks in Lost City. If you divide Lost City into three sections using the tall stone walls, Iím referring to the overlooks which are reached by going up the tunnels near the ends of the map.

I estimate the overlooks to be about 30 feet from the base floor and about the same elevation as the Control Point pedestal. Both overlooks give a nice view of the entire base, the Control Point, the openings in the big stone wall, the tunnels on the other side, well, everything. Plus you are reasonably protected up there. What a great place to snipe from, though there is adequate cover on the ground with all those broken walls.

It can also be a great place to get sniped from.

I get great satisfaction taking out a sniper positioned up there. Usually those snipers rake in a number of kills before someone takes them out. Some people just love going up there, so once you recognize that pattern you basically just wait for them to return. And yes, Iíve been on the receiving end of that one too.

I remember playing once and being perfectly positioned up there, and DCSkater took me out with a charged SR shot. UGH! I was in the perfect position.

What do you think of The Overlooks in Lost City? Do you like to snipe from there, or do you use it as more of a trap? Do you think they make that map more fun? Do you wish there were more features in other maps like The Two Overlooks?

Please contribute. Thanks.
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User Info: Silent_Nexus

3 years ago#2
Perfect for picking off snipers that prevent your team from advancing in Annexation and Capture the flag game modes. Just be careful being sniped in return. Also look out for people coming to sneak up and get an easy kill from you in the form of a Backstab.
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