Day 53 Conduit 2 Map Detail Analysis: The Front Garage Window in Streets Prime

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User Info: _Signal

3 years ago#1
It’s no secret that Streets Prime is my favorite map, and probably the one I’m the most familiar with, so I apologize in advance for another thread about Streets Prime.

Streets Prime has a number of spots giving good vantage points of the ground, rooftops, and rubble at the end of the street. Which one works best for you really just depends on your own personal playstyle.

This is one of the maps that there are just some places that I know I don’t belong. There are two garage windows in each garage. The one I’ll call the side window looks across Sutter St. (the narrower street) and directly into the second floor window of your own base.

The Front Garage Window overlooks Belmont Street and faces the opposing teams rooftop, but still has a view of the first floor area as well. It’s one of the symmetrical features of the map, with both garages having essentially the same Front Window. However, the equivalent area in the garage with the open door is a little less protected from a flanking attack, but when players can equip a gun that can shoot through walls, it’s not really that different from the other garage.

Some people can make the Front Garage Window work for them, like Drophy, but I’ve never had much success there. Maybe it’s because I’m a little slower shooting and people spot me there too quickly.

I’ve seen the window use for everything from a sniping point, to an orifice that emits grenades, to a launching point for the dreaded “Cowabunga kill,” LOL. It’s all about what your style is.

What do you think of the Front Garage Window? Do you think it makes the map more fun to play on? Would you like to see more windows in the buildings? Would you like to see more places for Cowabunga Kills?

Please contribute. Thanks.
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User Info: Silent_Nexus

3 years ago#2
Its a good spot to snipe people on the balcony (also called a rooftop) that it faces, and those fighting over the center Control Point. But it also makes for an easy backstab.
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User Info: 1Pefrog

3 years ago#3
I like using the windows from the back of the garages.
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