Our Last Weekend

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User Info: _Signal

3 years ago#21
Good matches last night guys and great to see everyone. I have them recorded and will get them uploaded to Youtube sometime in the near future.

It's always a pleasure Saihig. You were one of the first people I played with here very much, and it's fitting that we got to play near the end. I'll certainly miss the unique weapons of this game too.

Andy, I should see you Monday for sure. What time will you be around Monday? I'll try to stay up as long as I can tonight... and we'll see what happens tomorrow, LOL. I hate not really knowing for sure when it's happening.

And it's always nice to see my good friend Mey. The fact that this is all coming to an end is very surreal to me. I guess I haven't really accepted it yet, and probably won't until it's actually over.

Hopefully I'll see all of you in the future, either on the custom server, if that works out, in some other less-amazing-less-fun-to-play games, or just right here.

I'm planning on sticking around until the place is beyond dead.
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User Info: gamedude37

3 years ago#22
I'll be on this afternoon around 3 or 4 to whenever. Hopefully I can kick some a$$ and get recorded for YouTube. ;)
Conduit 2 FC (jonny): 3568-1891-0912 II GoldenEye FC (IsellproPAIN): 0845-4551-3309
I'll try to be on as often as I can.
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