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User Info: CmoIsDaNam3

2 years ago#21

Well clearly you don't understand if you think sniping with the PR is point and click, if you miss you're first shot, you could be dead before you get another.

And how does their gameplay trump mine, P4G's, and many others when we got Awesome Kills, 6 mans, 7 man kills in very fast rapid secession, headshot kills, plus more.

And yes, I did know this, but if you think about it, the were a EU clan, and as we all know, the EU player base size for C2 was like 25% of NA's player base, so chances of them not running into each other was small.

And again, the clips were about the same or the same as ours, not sure where you're getting your info from, but it seems to be very backwards indeed.
GT: SouL C Mo
Still making montages for Conduit 2. Somehow. lol
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