Is this any good?

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User Info: Digitized_Devil

7 years ago#1
I heard it was pretty good on the DSi, but how good is it on the iphone? I've been reading that the controls are unresponsive. How unresponsive are they? Any information would be appreciated.

User Info: Fuze86

7 years ago#2
I've only played it for like 20 minutes, and I plan to try again. But while I was playing it on my iPhone, it was fine at first, but trying to navigate through some of the sections with the jetpack felt IMPOSSIBLE with the virtual joystick. I'ma try it again in a little while since I ponied up the cash for it, but it just makes me wish I had an iPhone 3GS so I could have picked up Espgaluda II instead like I wanted too... :sad face: Anyway, the game itself does seem fun, and it makes me GREATLY wish I would have picked it up on steam instead...

User Info: Digitized_Devil

7 years ago#3
Thanks for replying, guess I'll wait for a lite version or it goes on sale.

User Info: dementedlullaby

7 years ago#4
I have it on Steam and the control scheme is fine on that. Plus the game is a lot of fun for old school gamers. Although from what the second poster says I wouldn't buy the ipod version.
XBL/PSN/Steam : DementedLullaby

User Info: diabetor

7 years ago#5
i love it, but its hard as f***. i put it on God Mode just so i could play for more than 5 mins.

User Info: DoctorDoom80

7 years ago#6
It feels like a pretty authentic game Capcom would have made in 1987.
*Retired from WoW*
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