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User Info: ILovetheCheese3

7 years ago#1
say whaaaaa
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User Info: slugboss

7 years ago#2

creepy, it's a prequel to dark void, that was originally cancelled in 1980s...
TAG & ID is slugboss.

User Info: MayCauseCancer

7 years ago#3
its a joke. It didn`t really come out in the 80`s.

User Info: General_Dodanna

7 years ago#4
yeah... it was an incomplete game... at least... unless Capcom and Jimmy Fallon were schemeing to make a quick buck "resurrecting" a Project X type game (supposedly they discontinued development for it when they got in the SNES Dev kits :P)

User Info: Jobocan

7 years ago#5
It wasn't made in the 80s at all, it's just a made up story that they made for fun.

User Info: Rhymefest

7 years ago#6
The sad part is, this version is better than it's 3D counter-part....

User Info: dementedlullaby

7 years ago#7
Yeah it's actually a lot of fun. If you're from the NES/SNES era you'll really enjoy it. Plus for 5 bucks can't go wrong.
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