List of mecha games I've played besides this

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User Info: Devilman_Amon

5 years ago#1
A.C.E. 2 (great)
A.C.E. 3 (great. Has Shin Getter)
Gundam 00 (NDS) cool for NDS portable
Gundam Battle series (PSP) cool
Macross Ace Frontier series (PSP) really cool
Macross VFX 1 & 2 (PS1) Kinda disappointment
Zeta Gundam (PS1) Underrated
Gundam Char's Counterattack (PS1) same as above but not as epic in scale. Better graphics.
Omega Boost (PS1) Classic.
Gundam (Wii) Not bad. 1st person mode. Not as cool as DC though
Gundam (Dreamcast) Cool 1st person mode.
Gundam UC (PS2) I liked it. Kinda mixed different series together in episodic stages
DW Gundam series (PS3/PS2) Not really my bag of tea. No sense of size etc gets too repetitive
Gundam vs Gundam/ Gundam Next Plus (PSP) great addictive as hell
Gundam Assault Survive (PSP) starts off like Battle series but as you upgrade mechs move a lot faster. Kinda lost patience for it...
Evangelion Jo (PSP) meh had potential
Evangelion Battle Orchestra (PS2/PSP) Smash Bros clone. Didnt grab me
Rahxephon (PS2) 3d Visual novel/ADV/Zone of Enders like minigameplay. Not bad. Gets a bit boring with all the talking though
Gunbuster (PS2) Pretty cool. Whole game plays through the entire series as if you're watching TV episodes.
Gundam OO Miesters (PS2) Honestly didnt play this much. Seemed QTE heavy. Need to play it some more
MS Saga (PS2) turn based chibi Gundam game. Didn't do anything for me.
A.C.E. P (PSP) Kinda disappointment
A.C.E. R (PS3) Real step back from A.C.E. series. Annoyed that the y went back to static character models instead of 3D cel shading and controls were real weird.
Giant Robo (PS2) Moved very slow. Not much variety
Tetsujin 28-Go (PS2) Great game if you like R.A.D.
R.A.D. (PS2) Classic
Zone of Enders 1 & 2 (PS2) Classics
Gundam VS series (PS2,DC) Great games like the PSP counterparts
Gundam Encounters in Space (PS2) Nice rail like shooter
Gundam Seed (PS2) Did not like it. Very awkward controls
Gundam Crossfire (PS3) Crappy game.
Gundam UC0081 Senki (PS3) Big improvement over Crossfire. Shame it wasnt localized
Megazone 23 Blue Garland (PS3) This is a VN with an RPG like gameplay with random enemy encounters. Very little ingenuity in gameplay and design. Shame. Original Anime was great.
Front Mission 5 (PS2) Great strategy RPG. Shame it wasnt localized. I patched my copy in English though.
70's Robot Geppy X (PS1) Great side shooter
SRW series (3,4,F Final, Alpha Gaiden, Alpha for DC, OG, OG2, Z, Z2, A,D,MX,J,W,L,K,XO, Masou Kishin I & II) all awesome
SRW Scramble Commander I & II (PS2) Sequel played better since it had manual mode but still moved a bit slow. RTS.
Macross (PS2) Awesome Macross game
Robotech Battlecry (PS2/GC) mediocre Robotech game
Real Robot Regiment (PS2) Beat em up. long ass cutscenes. Some cheap ass bosses
Shin Getter Robo (PS1) Nice SRPG but hella hard
Real Robot Final Attack (PS1) First Virttua On like clone
MS Gundam (PS2) Honestly did not play much of this
Gundam Lost War Chronicles (PS2) Same as above
Gundam (Gamecube) Really good but really hard!
Gundam Seed Destiny (GBA) pretty good turn based RPG
GoGaiGar Blockaded Numbers (PS1) interesting adv game with minigames
Brave Saga I & II (PS1) Really epic RPGs
Brave Wars (PS2) continuation of above but battle system was too hard for me
MS Gundam Seed Generation of CE (PS2) Cool SRPG
Front Mission 1 (DS) neat SRPG
Steambot Chronicles (PSP) pleasant rpg series lots to do.
Voltron (PSN, XBLA) decent twin stick shooter. Could have been better though.
Code Geass RPG (DS) Cool voice enabled RPG
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (DS) interesting 3D turn based RPG with minigames for attacks.
Armored Core series (PS1/PS2/PS3) Only played a few of the original ones and some demos for the PS3 ones. Never realy got into them.
Chou Soujuu Mecha MG (DS) One of the best Mecha games hands down. TONS of unique mechs and abilities
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