EA/Tiburon= a bunch of clowns.

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User Info: the_old_days

7 years ago#1
Think the summer training glitch will be fixed? Doubtful.

Why do they keep pumping out PS2 iterations when the premiere version is a annual letdown?

Why do I have to keep playing a game that is essentially six years old to get more depth than what they provide with the premiere release?

EA, GIVE UP THE RIGHTS you greedy, lazy, arrogant hacks. I don't want my annual football game to be a vehicle to make EA money that preys on the ignorance of many consumers. I want a rewarding, in-depth, college football experience that doesn't nickle and dime my ass for every feature.

So give the the god-damn rights, EA, you've proved inept at providing a real product. Your intentions are clear enough to any consumer that actually pays attention corporate ethics and consumer rights.
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  3. EA/Tiburon= a bunch of clowns.

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