Looking for info on google, not a fruitful search, what justifies purchase?

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  3. Looking for info on google, not a fruitful search, what justifies purchase?

User Info: the_old_days

7 years ago#1
So, here's the info on the EA site, notice how they misspelled "information". Notice the lack of information.


Notice how here, like the EA page, says features coming soon. Well, dammit, the game comes out in six days!


Here it looks like the website has just copied the tag line from the PS3/360 versions and just pasted onto the ps2 game's description.


In conclusion, it looks as though NCAA 11 on the PS2 is going to be a carbon copy of last years.
I'm sure they'll change up the game's menu look, like they do every year, but I doubt we'll see any of the updates applied to the PS3/360 versions.

So, does it justify the purchase? Hopefully they removed the Summer Drills/Game Prep glitch that plagued the PS2 version of 2010. If those glitches have been left un-repaired, then EA has sunk to a new low IMO.
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User Info: Raze_da_Kitsune

7 years ago#2
I'll agree. I've been checking that first link everyday for the past month and it hasn't changed. I think I'm just gonna get the PS3 version.
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User Info: ronsmith67

7 years ago#3
I have been reading the EA message board and it appears that an early complaint is that the uniforms don't get dirty on the Xbox version, no matter the weather conditions. It seems that EA updates the look of the game, a few player numbers, and maybe attributes, and the schedules. Other than that, it is simply copy and paste. It can't possibly take that much to do. The real problem is us, the consumer, who talk it up for 6 months. That keeps the price nice and high, and we have no choice but to pay it if we want the game. I have been buying this since NCAA 98 on the original PS. I have not missed a year at all, didn't buy last year's until Thanksgiving when the PS2 copy was down $10 to $29.99.

User Info: ReggieBush09

7 years ago#4
The sweet ass butta gameplay will always get you to buy this.

no matter what and doesnt that what really matters.
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User Info: the_old_days

7 years ago#5
I buy it for the depth of the dynasty mode.
Yes, I'm a Notre Dame fan.
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  3. Looking for info on google, not a fruitful search, what justifies purchase?

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