If you bought this game, could you tell me why?

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  3. If you bought this game, could you tell me why?

User Info: Einstein314

7 years ago#1
I really want to get it, but other than a roster update, I don't see what's different.
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User Info: DOAsaturn

7 years ago#2
From what I hear it is like NCAA 08, 09, 10 all rolled into one...which means it hasn't changed really at all. I think there are roster updates but someone should check the FCS teams. I don't think they had been updated for almost three seasons as of last year.

That said, I've been picking up the latest PS2 releases as I go. I've always collected the last year's worth of releases for consoles. I'm speculating the PS2 is getting close to that...though I wouldn't be shocked if EA throws out another roster update next year. I'll pass on this one though until the price goes way down.
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User Info: ReggieBush09

7 years ago#3
^have fun with that dont expect this game to go way down untill the end of the season or later which would make picking this up at that time worthless unless your a huge college football fan.

there's no online either so this game is pretty much not even worth looking at but I will say this the gameplay is still better than the 360 version. trust me on this I own a next gen console.
on a side note though.
the gameplay is definetly starting to show its age it'd be nice if EA tweaked the gameplay a bit
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User Info: whitetigerak

7 years ago#4

I got it cause the other day I checked online to see what the release date for Madden 11 was again and saw it was another month... so was like 'aww dang'... and then later that night walked into the store and saw a huge sign saying 'NCAA Football '11 Out Today'....

So I figured 'meh... gives me something to do for a month... I can play road to glory mode and by the time Madden comes out I'll have a college senior ready to be drafted into Superstar Mode on Madden 11'

User Info: TheBlueMeanie

7 years ago#5
I bought it because I haven't played a NCAA Football game since NCAA '07 with Reggie Bush on the cover for the XBOX.
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User Info: patrat99

7 years ago#6

I pre-ordered NCAA Football 11 for PS2, cause that's the system I own. Well, with all the hype of the new integrated ESPN graphics, new announcers, and just an overall better game, I expected alot. For those PS2 owners expecting the same, DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE! All you are getting is some minor roster changes, some changes in the schedules. I still own a PS2 because trying to sell an old system with about 14 games usually doesn't benefit me at all. So I deal with it. But just a heads up to PS2 owners, oh yeah, no more ONLINE play either.....


User Info: funsational_one

7 years ago#7
I would get this game, but I need a question answered....
In Road to Glory Mode, when your player is on the field, do you control the whole team, or just your player? I am hoping that you just control your guy like in the next gen games, but I know as of 10 you still controlled the whole team.
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  3. If you bought this game, could you tell me why?

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