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User Info: ReggieBush09

7 years ago#1
I just played my number 2 greatest game

I was miami going into the horseshoe in week 2 of the college season.

I came out of there with a 4 point win on a goal line stand by my defense pryor rolled out and my linebacker was spying him he threw it to the left side of the endzone and it flew harmlessly to the ground for the win!

so far my serious dynasty with fresno state all games have been close.

its like they tightned up the zone defense and tuned up the cpu pass rush so you either have to a make a decision in a split second or take off in run but you have to be able to read defense too but Im not saying some schmuck could just wing it and win in this game because he probably could but I take a methodical approach to my games and run whatever works I also run the ball a lot even if I dont get a lot of yards just to keep the defense honest the run defense in this game is pretty good I have a hard time getting yards but depending on the game I either run or pass more depend on situations and my teams offense

so far great game.
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