Creating a Rivalry in Dynasty Mode?

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User Info: MegaNikuman

6 years ago#1
This is in regards to NCAA Football 07, but since that board in kinda dead I figured I'd ask this here and hope that someone who played that game can remember enough to help me on this.

Hi all, if there is anyone else out there that still plays this game like I do, I have a question for you. I have been playing NCAA 07 since it came out and I have a quite impressive dynasty going (20+ Seasons with multiple schools). I started off with an "Academic" created school and replaced Temple as an independent. After coaching at more prestigious programs, I eventually took on the job at the created school. As the years went along and I built up the program I got an offer to join C-USA, which I accepted. The only problem now, is that the school that I designated as my rival when I started my dynasty is a powederpuff program (Duke). If I include them in my schedule every year, my strength of schedule is horrible and I have no chance of making a BCS bowl. So, I am wondering is there anyway to create rivalries while in dynasty mode? For example, if I decide I want to play Georgia every year instead, will that game eventually develop into a rivalry game if I do it long enough? I am asking, because I need to play a rival every year and I don't want my "record vs rival" stat to disappear completely. Help?

User Info: the_old_days

6 years ago#2
Unfortunately, you can't create a rivalry by playing a specific opponent over and over again.

I'm not sure if you inherit the rivalries of the team you replace with your created team, but I don't think so.

This sucks, because rivalry games, regardless of the difficulty, are recruiting visit goldmines.

When I create a team, I usually make the rival an in-state FBS team, usually Ohio State or Penn State since I'm prone to making Ohio or Pennsylvania teams. That way I can work up to beating the powerhouse and they don't weaken my schedule later on down the road.

I usually recruit regionally, so I schedule regional match-ups year in and year out, and while those games aren't official "rivalries" they still maintain a high level of importance for recruiting.

Or, you can always play with ND, who have 6 in in-game rivalries, (Michigan, Mich State, USC, BC, Stanford, Purdue). For some reason, Navy isn't listed as a rivalry in these games, but the Dynasty engine will still Put Navy on ND's schedule every year.
Yes, I'm a Notre Dame fan.
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