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User Info: azurexinnovator

6 years ago#1
Alright, first off id like to review Decade Duels pretty quickly, for a game some of us were waiting since June for it has slowly been disappointing me over and over again.

1. We start off with crap cards ... i mean we can barely work with them to make decent decks but how are we supposed to make them the way we want with the randomize cards we win from the points in single player mode
2. Single Player mode, its too flipping short ...
3. Lack of features, back to my complaint in the 1st one, how we have to win our cards randomly ... WHY CANT WE JUST HAVE A CARD SHOP LIKE EVERY OTHER FREAKING YGO game ... is it really that much trouble for an XBLA game. Being able to trade with friends would have been nice, we all have cards we might not want but our friends might need ... and with this randomized way of getting cards it would have been a GREAT help
4. Sort layout could have been set in thumbnails too ... i hate having to scroll through it all to view my collection

and now finally the icing on the cake ... the complete card list

NOW .... Konami why would release this game and give is randomized card earnings .... if the entire library isnt in the freaking game. I swear if it wasnt for this list i would have been playing for so long just to get a Dark Magician Girl ... which isnt even in the freaking game. How are players supposed to make there ideal decks if there not in there ... it restricts ... OH and worse enough ... card types that ARE in the game ... dont even have its complete roster of cards ... example ... Elemental Heroes ... where bubbleman ... Blackwing .... wheres Blackwing Dragon .... This is all so full of FAIL

Now Konami ... either you make a large patch with ALL these issues fixed ... or if there memory space is too much why not just make a disced based game ... i mean look at all the players who bought Decade Duels ... why wouldnt we support a disc version if it has what we want and if thats the case we need

1. Card Shop
2. Trading between other players
3. COMPLETE card library
4. Larger cast, you do know the recent YGO movie came out right ... AT LEAST include Yugi and Judai (Jaden)

well ... thats the end of my long rant. If anyone agrees with me speak your mind and help relay this to Konami ... i tried but the stupid registration on there forums wont freaking work

GT/PSN ID: AzureRevolver

User Info: dokuroyaiba12

6 years ago#2
you know ill agree with you on every aspect of things but you forgot to mention with the crappy starter deck we get, we can barely hold our own against the single player AI because right of thee bat they can summon like 4 or 5 syncro monsters on our butts, its gotten to the point where i have lost so many single player games, i have made a stall deck with all the cards i got from losses.

The card list is completely redundant i mean i have real life Uria deck that i use and it is effin beast, but i cant use it in Decade Duels why? cuz none of the cards that are in this deck are in the game like Uria for example, they had the decency of atleast putting the Blue-Eyes in there, and to make matters worse, Obelisk the playable in this game...I kno there is a legal version, but that means everyone in the multiplayer is going to be like "OMG OBELISK MUST HAVE IN DECK RAPE FACE QQQQQQ"

This game should not have come out if this is how it was going to turn out, you can barely beat the single player because Jack is an a**hole and your resorted to stalling and massing Needle Worms.

Their supposed DLC better be be like 2 gods having sex, i wouldnt mind dumping 20 or 30 bucks on a full card library with all the cards so i can make my ideal deck. But if they make it so u need to pay for booster packs, i quit already

User Info: Edgemaster70000

6 years ago#3
I'm very annoyed with whatever freaked out banlist they put in the game.

Who the hell thought 3 Solemn Judgement was a good idea?
Try saying Sea Shell City rapidly until you mess up.
YGO 5D's FC - 4898-7960-2520

User Info: azurexinnovator

6 years ago#4
Also someone pointed out that "Skill Dark Magician" summons Dark Magician when 3 Spell counters are on him i believe ... however theres no Dark Magician in the game ? -_-
GT/PSN ID: AzureRevolver

User Info: Flame6666

6 years ago#5
you know for $10 i think we got a nice with that said i would like to say....GET OVER IT!!! the game can be better but for 10 bucks no 1 really has the right to complain, if it was 30 or more then yeah i would be on your side but its not so LIVE WITH IT. ( if it sounds like im being a jerk to you its only b/c i hate it when people wish for more when they basically got it for free)

User Info: azurexinnovator

6 years ago#6

I understand what your saying .. low budget and all, honestly didnt mind a majority of what i mentioned until i saw the complete card list. I myself was DETERMINED to get a Dark Magician Girl just to say i have it and then aim to build a good Black Feather deck however how can i if key cards are missing , its like Having Exodia in here but not giving us the right arm or something ... like whats the point you know
GT/PSN ID: AzureRevolver

User Info: Nebula_Leader01

6 years ago#7
It's an arcade title so I expect it to have a short single player.
Only thing I actually want is trading, I have no problem with the rest of the game.

User Info: Edgemaster70000

6 years ago#8
I just looked at the card list, and there's no Lion Alligator or Spawn Alligator.

RAGE! I LOVE Reptiles, it's one of my specialties! Now I'll just have to stick with Burn.
Try saying Sea Shell City rapidly until you mess up.
YGO 5D's FC - 4898-7960-2520

User Info: Malnourished

6 years ago#9
I'll say this now. I sincerely hope you understand.

Online petitions are worthless. As you were.
One more time, with feeling!

User Info: dbdavidson777

6 years ago#10
ATTENTION DUELISTS!...testicles, that is all.
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