Good Grinding Spots

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User Info: Zanosuke

6 years ago#1
im trying to level up my characters for the post-story but the power-lvling guide i was using was taken down what are the best grinding spots?

User Info: Exaudias

6 years ago#2
There is a leveling guide in the FAQs section. The top walk-through by Mwulf was the original I believe.

User Info: Cervosi

6 years ago#3
To be quick:


4 arrangements of 2x2 enemies. Throw the geocube on the panels the enemies are on and destroy it to get the Exp+ Geo effects on them.

8 bills makes them level 99, which yields the most Exp.


Desco Grinding spot. Fuse something with Desco, use Yog Sothoth.

Mt Ordeals 4:

Humanoid and Giant Priere grinding spot. Fuse a monster with a Nekomata/Mystic Beast, and magichange it with a humanoid with Big Bang. Alternatively when it comes out, Fuse something with Priere and use Reqium Aeternam.
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User Info: Nyekun

6 years ago#4
Mount of Ordeals Stage 4. Not sure why you would grind anywhere else.

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