Best map for fast leveling?

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User Info: DINNERman__Hero

6 years ago#1
I need a map where I can level fast, like 7-4 in Disgaea 3. I've only gotten as far as 7-3, is there anything good before this?
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User Info: Goten55

6 years ago#2
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User Info: Scy046

6 years ago#3
5-2 works for those who can hit a 2x2 area (basically just spells, Giant Desco, and a few Giant Magichange effects). 8 Stronger Enemy Bills makes them all level 99 and you can toss the yellow Geo Block in the lower right onto the stage and destroy it for a quick +150% EXP bonus.

Next is 9-4 but the lay out makes it awkward for anyone to clear in one shot (without throws) besides Giant Desco. 1 Stronger Enemy Bill makes them level 99 or you can max it out to get them to level 445.
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User Info: jbomb1234

6 years ago#4
I power level on the level with all of the Axels. It is 6-3 I think where you get the +100% to attack and -100 to ice.

Everyone with a level above 30 can get leveled to 50+ real quick.
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User Info: pimpmoney718

6 years ago#5
5-2 is the best i know of

User Info: DINNERman__Hero

6 years ago#6
Alright thanks!
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User Info: Indignation211

6 years ago#7
Alternatively you could capture level 99 enemies from 5-2 or 9-4 and make a custom map with the enemies in a more convenient formation on EXP + 70% panels. I captured 13 of the Eryngi from 9-4 and put them in the formation of a Giant Big Bang. I used that map until I got to Mt. Ordeal 4.
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User Info: pimpmoney718

6 years ago#8
I'm hearing this giant desco alot. So what's best monster to fuse with desco?

User Info: Cervosi

6 years ago#9
Any monster you want to level, really.

Considering she still gets a substantial boost as a giant monster, level doesnt' make too much of a difference. All that maters is that you need to one-shot the enemy party of course.

Yog Sothoth is a 3x3 attack, but when Fused, it becomes 5x3, like this:


It hits the entire formation of Erynga mushrooms on 9-4, which also has an Exp and Mana +50% Geoblock each to be thrown on the area.

I think the only other thing you can do is, say, use a giant magichanged fist to give Big Bang the same range.
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User Info: Nietono

6 years ago#10
Fused fists only give Big Bang an extra square on all sides. That won't help with 9-4, but it's the perfect shape for Mt. Ordeal 4.
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