Best map to farm HL?

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User Info: guimond777

6 years ago#1
What's the best map for farming money? I'm currently in chapter 4 and wanting to increase my money and get better equipment.

The best map i've found so far gives me 59k a battle, but the battle takes a little longer then I'd like. Is there a good map to grind on for money that's not too tough or takes a while? I figured I'd be grinding levels as soon as I get to 5-2, so maybe I'll get my money on that map as well?

Any map suggestions for money grinding?

User Info: RanmaSaotome92

6 years ago#2
The best map to farm loads of HL is 5-2. not only do you get 150% exp gain but if you pop any of the blocks on the side of the map before you're done you get the bonus gauge filled to the max and you'll get some items or 12-15k hl from the bonus alone, not counting the items you could get and sell and make bank :)
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User Info: RhapsodieinBlue

6 years ago#3
your best bet is to grind the hospital for some enforcers and get a 300 broker or or two and turn that money in a few maps into something fantastic if you're really hurting for it.
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User Info: r0xm2n

6 years ago#4
From what I've heard so far, you can grind 2-2 for it's full bonus gauge, and hope you get Imperial Symbols with Enforcers on it.

Then buy items with Brokers on it, use the Enforcer to kick these to one item, then subdue it. This should get you your 300 Broker early.

Otherwise, you could find a Enemy Lvup and Reverse damage tile in item world, let the enemy levelup for a while, then toss it on the reverse damage tile, and kill it with a heal spell. Apparently, you can even kill a lv9999 enemy this way...
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User Info: sword2183

6 years ago#5
I think your best waiting to get 5-2. After that the level to grind levels, and you get about 60k with each win. Then definitely try to get 300 broker to maximize your profits. I would also try to get a 300 manager so you can start to gain mana as well.

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