So now this easy duping trick has being found out...

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  3. So now this easy duping trick has being found out...

User Info: tw1g_007

6 years ago#1
Would you guys honestly tellme you wouldn't lose interest in the next couple weeks fast?

The thing I loved about D3 duping was that it kept me hooked somewhat and I didn't feel like I was cheating since NIS clearly nerfed it and was still manageable. There was also the added fact that I was making progress on my character aptitudes anyway.

But now the duping is so.... ridiculously easy. I'm wondering if its worth it? Anyone had any side effects yet? lol.
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User Info: Haitianboy420

6 years ago#2
The only bad side is that it's gonna make the progression much faster..
Faster statitians, managers etc. Which means instant 9999 and that means max altitudes via reincarnate
So that being said people will be stronger then CPU and be done with content faster
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User Info: boxer_shanx

6 years ago#3
I'm going to be so bored since I have no good games to play, other than dark souls and Skyrim. :)

User Info: Haitianboy420

6 years ago#4
Dead island

Sep-nov is always heavy on game releases
Psn haitianboy420

User Info: Chemuraderie

6 years ago#5
I have tons of stuff to do besides Disgaea 4 so really, the faster I finish this game, the sooner I can move on to other games because of school/career focuses. It works for me every way.
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User Info: Mirdyn

6 years ago#6
It has shortened the duration somewhat overall by doing away with the most grueling bit. But I am still giddy over the ease of it and playing more because I can now focus on many different characters rather than a handful of them. I am also enjoying item world more knowing it's not all just an innocent gathering run but an item I can end up using for the duration.

User Info: Godly_Goof

6 years ago#7
Meh as long as ppl use it in moderation shouldnt be too bad, personally im just using it to dupe the lvl40 weps mainly because in the first "perfect item im creating ive already banked about 5 hours into just iyem world running it and im only at floor 50 if i have to do this multiple times to get more of them id shoot myself now :/
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User Info: str0

6 years ago#8
All this glitch did was now allow me to work on all my favorite classes as opposed to maxing just a handful without being totally burned out. I can clearly still see myself putting over 200 hours in it regardless and as long as it ties me over till Skyrim I'll be happy.
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User Info: LordRaviel

6 years ago#9
3 things to note

1) Leveleing and getting the best equipment will be much easier.

2) Gaining skills and evilities takes just as long as it allways did.

3) Maxing stats with serums is actually much more viable if this duping method doesn't get patched which will make me play much longer than I did any of the previous games.

They key here is that the less convenient you make stuff the more likely people will not bother with higher levels of grinding which can reduce the ammount of time they play. in Disgaea 1 for example leveling was so slow that after beating Baal I never played it again as it was too much work for too little reward.
I swear RNGs hate me. Going 3/100 on a 10% probability is not funny.
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User Info: Godly_Goof

6 years ago#10
Tbh i think this one of those things that seems really easy not to use, just cuz it exists doesnt mean you have to use the stupid thing every chance you get, is more a matter of its there IF you want to use it but dont have to. So basically you COULD use it like crazy and steam roll the game or just play it normally.
"You bring me a Jury and tell me how you can say, IN July and ... I'll go down on you" -Orson Wells
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