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User Info: KazukiYotsuga

6 years ago#1
Is it possible to get the r40 Baal Sword without having access to X-Dimension or LoC? I'm still quite a bit a ways off and my Valvatorez is still only equipped with the r30 sword from the shop.

If it's possible could someone give me a brief rundown of how I'd go about getting a rank 31+ sword? I'm going to assume that the only way is by going to floor 100 in the r30 item and stealing it from the item god.

User Info: Snorlax_exlax

6 years ago#2
LoC is needed for R40. (minus Crowbar)
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User Info: Newts_Ute

6 years ago#3
You can get the Fragarach(r34) sword from item worlding in another high rank item. I randomly came across a few of them while levelling the Holy Orb I got from the hospital.

Anything higher needs LoC or to be stolen from post game bosses. Baal Sword is restricted to LoC
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User Info: Ragnarok500

6 years ago#4
You can get a Yoshitsuna (R39) pre-LoC in one of the postgame battles if you can steal from a level 4000 enemy. You can't get a Baal Sword until you reach the LoC though.
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User Info: Cervosi

6 years ago#5
You can get R34 out of the Land of Carnage so this isn't much of a shocker.

You can get an R37 Sword from the battle with Laharl, but he magichanges after the first turn.

There's an R36 Gun from the Asagi Battle. She also Magichanges after the first turn.

Pringer X has an R39 Phys. Monster weapon along with an R40 Prinny Suit. And an Exodus, I think.

Zetta has an R39 Yoshitsuna, R38 Overlord Cape, R39 Barefoot X, and R40 Makai wars. When he joins your party initially, he also comes with an R38 Aroundight.

Pringer X: Poison comes with an R40 phys monster weapon, Makai wars, R39Arcadia, and an R39 Super Alloy mechsuit.

Those are all of the items above R34 that you can get before Land of carnage.

Well, there's a few others from X Dimension maps, and the X Dimension completion prizes are all R40.
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User Info: Ragnarok500

6 years ago#6
What gave you the impression my intent was to shock?
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User Info: HolyLancer9

6 years ago#7
There's an R36 Gun from the Asagi Battle. She also Magichanges after the first turn.

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User Info: dragontears969

6 years ago#8
You can't get to Asagi in the first turn but you can take out her 2 henchmen if you use at least 2 mothman fused-magichanged guns and use their 10 spaces away S-rank attack to kill them in the first turn. Just level the 2 moths to lvl 2500+ (dependant on its rank and reincarnation levels) and level the poison moth attack to at least +5 and you can take them both out. Is a bit ridiculous but it does make the battle considerably easier and you can steal the atomic gun and goddess dress if you want.

User Info: svaphotog

6 years ago#9
Stealing from Pringer X:poison and Zetta are not the hard part, killing them without having gone to LoC might prove to be quite a bit of task.

But if you can manage it, all powers to you.

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