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User Info: vbmaster1984

6 years ago#1
What is the best way for to see all of pringer X's skills, all i have seen is pringer x beam???
psn: egershon

User Info: vbmaster1984

6 years ago#2
any suggestions on seeing prinny rush and prinny destroy from pringer x. seems like all it wants to do is pringer beam
psn: egershon

User Info: _Firo_

6 years ago#3
During the first fight (the one before getting Zetta) I used a character as a bait to get hit by his pringer beam and then, I moved him behind the base panel. I used this method because Pringer X had enough SP to used one Pringer Beam, one Pringer Rush and some Prinny Destroy. It took more than 100 turns, but he finally attacked me with his Prinny Rush.
I used this strategy because in my past fights against him, he always tried to use Pringer Beam if he can move to your side and, if he can't, he usually attacked me with Prinny Destroy.
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User Info: Azure_lKite

6 years ago#4
You can also crush his SP with a Death monster and recover it so he has just about enough to use Prinny Rush/Destroy.
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User Info: Korrinath

6 years ago#5
When fighting the second version, I just had a character move as far away from him as possible every turn. With 4 or 5 turns he used all 3 of his skills and I was done.

User Info: r0xm2n

6 years ago#6
For the 1st fight, I had a lv6000 Mothman with Trick Move evility dodge every single one of his hits. After 2 attempts of not seeing Prinny Rush, I brought SP restoring items for when Pringer lost all it's SP. About 50 turns in, he finally used it!
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User Info: Roldrage

6 years ago#7
This method got me the 3 moves in about 4-5 turns.

Steal his crowbar.
Position 3 characters in a L shape, he should use the 2nd special in about 2 turns
Move the same 3 characters into a line, he should use the beam attack.
Move all but your strongest back into the base, he should use his 1st special.

I found that he was less likely to attack normally if my characters could survive his attacks, I had 3 lvl260 makai wars on everyone and my levels ranged from 1k-4k.
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