Legendary Arcadia

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User Info: fliptout

5 years ago#1
So I already cleared the pringer-x map and can't beat the next map yet. I'm wondering though, is it possible to get a Legendary Arcadia off anything else (eg: randomly on the IW mobs in the legendary crowbar), or is the pringer-x map the *only* way to get it ?

User Info: balosi

5 years ago#2
reverse pirate in land of carnage, hit the legendary chests, reload if you don't get something good.

User Info: HolyLancer9

5 years ago#3
Later on there will be another Pringer map with multiple Pringers, each with an Arcadia.

And that map won't go away once you beat it, so if you're just worried about missing your chance of getting the item, you'll have plenty of opportunities later.
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User Info: fliptout

5 years ago#4
Yep I know about that map (I am not powerful enough to beat it yet). Just wondering if it was possible to get it in the meantime (i.e. steal from a normal mob in LoC IW).

I'll try the chests a little bit, or just get more powerful to beat that map. Need to do lots more chara world runs, Val is just hitting the 200% aptitudes atm.

User Info: inviso87

5 years ago#5
Enemies won't carry it. Bonus Gauge and Chests are your only options. I think the Tradesman might sell them too but I'm not completely sure.
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User Info: Sirius Reinhart

Sirius Reinhart
5 years ago#6
Got mine form the 8 Pringer X battle. Having a very though Magichange weapon with Sexual Healing and Bond of Souls on Fuka helped a lot .
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User Info: fliptout

5 years ago#7
I ended up starting a new cycle so I could get some story trophies (epilogues, etc). I got it on the pringer X battle. Was pretty amazing. Only took like 5 reloads from the single pringer X battle, and he had a legendary mechsuit rarity 0 and a legendary arcadia rarity 0.

About time I got some luck out of this game ;). TY for the help, though. Definately much easier with the 1 pringer.

User Info: r0xm2n

5 years ago#8
Smart move. From experience, getting the legendary Arcadia any other way takes a lot of luck.
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User Info: Melly0707

5 years ago#9
Got mine by creating three monks, power levelling them up a bit and went and sat in a L39 item on the 10th LoC level. Killed a few enemies and stayed away from others and just bonus changed until I got what I wanted.
Got the L39s from RP chest hunting in LoC from a 2 turn only ship.

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