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User Info: alphakidz

5 years ago#1
i finished the story. I gotta say, it was fun. =P and aahh dammit Flonne, why did you have to ruin the ending D;

I thought Fuka reincarnating was going to happen, but nope. =(

Finishing the mode does not put you back into postlude, which is good. but instead you return back in base in the mode for extras, like talking to the demons in base (better than D3's Beryl mode.) You also get to re-battle the stages you fought in the story mode.

User Info: Knight_of_Malta

5 years ago#2
So, how long did it take you to finish? I assume you one shotted everything in the way. Also any new items?

User Info: generalhs

5 years ago#3
It's 4 chapters. The number of maps varies.

You get a Fuka pirate ship at the end of the first chapter and Hugo at the end of the 2nd. I haven't beat 3 and 4 but I don't think there are any new items.

One thing I don't like so far is that the reward character had nothing to do with the plot. I'm hoping Nemo and Des-X tie into better than Hugo did(n't)

User Info: Master_Gamer

5 years ago#4
To be fair, Super Hero Aurum hardly had anything to do with Rasberyl's story mode. Giving Desco an S, or hell, even B-rank single target special would have made more sense and been helpful in the long term.
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User Info: Speeddemon35

5 years ago#5
Des X is pretty strong when she starts out. Plus it is great to have Nemo for his fear the Great attack.
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User Info: alphakidz

5 years ago#6
Knight_of_Malta posted...
So, how long did it take you to finish? I assume you one shotted everything in the way. Also any new items?

3-4 hrs i think. Thats only because i don't skip the cutscenes obviously for storytime. =x

Chapter Finish Rewards;
1: Fuka Ship
2: Hugo
3: Nemo
4: Des X

User Info: Kalanyr

5 years ago#7
Takes about 1 hour per chapter if you watch the story (and are powerful enough to 1 or 2 hit kill everything). Most of the maps are either straight out beat downs or can be turned into such. There is 1 puzzle map in chapter 2 that you have to deal with the hard way though.

Chapter 4 is the shortest chapter, its only 30-45 minutes.

Nemo and Hugo are kind of interesting evility wise. Hugo more so than Nemo who's abilities have significantly paled by the time you get him, since nothing is likely to allow you to spend 2 rounds next to them at that point in the game let alone 10, and his damage reflection ability is pretty pointless since he'll get 1 hit obliterated (so you have to hope that they obliterate him *and* do 10x the damage required to kill themselves in the process). Though Hugo needing class world to learn any spells is .... , Nemo also needs Class World to learn any skills at all which is also ....

Des X is kind of disappointing, her only advantage over Desco is her high base stats (which are unlikely to matter by the time you get her). Her skills are the same as Desco's except renamed and she misses Desco's Final Move).

Her evility is kind of pathetic compared to Desco's too, though if you Fuse her into Desco or Vice Versa and then surround the resulting creature with units including Fuka you can get an astronomical stat boost, otherwise Final Boss Setting is better.

I'm not disappointed I bought it, despite that.

The story is good, though its even harder to take seriously than most Disgaea stories, but its got a lot of funny moments and quiet a few touching ones as well.

For those who haven't bough the DLC this is a pretty good way to see most of it in action also, nearly all the monsters and encounters in this are DLC, though of the DLC characters (rather than classes) only Pink (Death Sabre version) and Prism Red show up but you can see Death Sabres, Female Ninja, Medics , Necromancers, Celestial Host and Prism Rangers.

Pink and Prism Red also aren't in your party until late in Chapter 3 and at all in this mode, respectively, Axel is also absent until late in Chapter 3, you keep all the other DLC and post game characters though, you do lose all story characters except Fuka Desco and Artina though, Emizel rejoins after Chapter 1, and Valvatorez and Fenrich rejoin after Chapter 2.

User Info: Knight_of_Malta

5 years ago#8
I just finished it, and I detest Fuka even more. Very weak DLC, even on the lower price.

User Info: AlwaysFidelis

5 years ago#9
Knight_of_Malta posted...
I just finished it, and I detest Fuka even more. Very weak DLC, even on the lower price.

Really? I used to hate Fuka but now I actually kind of like her as a character.

I thought it was a great DLC supplement that gave her some much needed character development.
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User Info: Knight_of_Malta

5 years ago#10
I like the way she was half way in the dlc, but in the end that all went to hell.

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