Sign here if you're getting Pokemon White.

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User Info: Volt7x

7 years ago#1
Or anti-sign if you're getting Black.

Oh, and don't ask about what happened to the other topic. >_>
Þø¥ð <(*.*<)

User Info: IHatePikachu

7 years ago#2
*signs even though I don't know for sure because we only know the titles*

User Info: marrownaut

7 years ago#3
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mario kart-marrownaut-FC 0688 5839 4416

User Info: VampLordAdamaru

7 years ago#4
*Signs and anti-signs.* :P
Sarcasm: Because even when it fails to hit home, it still makes the target look stupid.-Lucis_Ferre
(Founder - IRDC) Waiting for KH:BBS, FF vs. XIII

User Info: 1everdude

7 years ago#5
GFAQs Forums: Real scientists discussing real scientific knowledges~Savatsky

User Info: master399

7 years ago#6
I love picking the less popular version.
Blue, SIlver, Sapphire, LG
I am not sure about Sapphire though.
Currently playing: Soul Silver, Prime Trilogy
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User Info: lordlugia_rocks

7 years ago#7
*sign* I just have a feeling the mascot will look cooler!
pokemon soulsilver friend code: 4769-9681-3044

User Info: xGrimoirex

7 years ago#8

I think White looks sleeker on my DSi, so I'm getting it for that and since I got the more popular Heartgold last time.

User Info: Sethbeastalan

7 years ago#9

*sign* WOOT

User Info: Artur4

7 years ago#10
White, goes along with white DSi and white Wii <3

I guess the cartridge won't be white of course, but I'll still get White.
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  3. Sign here if you're getting Pokemon White.

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