Some of my theories/hopes

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User Info: KEN181

7 years ago#1
I'd really like it a lot if both of the games had a different storyline somewhere at the beginning, for example in white you're off to save the world as a young trainer while in black you're the son of a "team rocket" or whatever organization boss, and throughout the story you someway realize that there's really no good and evil and those two sides start working together to prevent a great crisis or whatever

Furthermore I'd really like it if new types like Light pokemon were introduced and I'd like some things to be changed like having flying type pokemon called wind pokemon so it could be more about elements in a way? dunno, it always bugged me that there were no wind pokemon

Then I'd hope to see different starters, maybe some story related pokemon so you cannot really choose them but they choose you. different starters for the versions would also make me happy :P

As for the storyline, I really see it being a conflict between good and bad, can't imagine anything else with those titles

Please rate + state your opinions/hopes for this game :)
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User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

7 years ago#2
or how about in white you are with the evil organization and in black you are always the hero? why stick to the long tired stereotype of white=good, black=evil? Although Im not holding my breath of any differences besides the usual exclusive pokemon.
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User Info: DerpyHurr

7 years ago#3
Stereotype? Lol, it's symbolism. Black, or dark is always associated with evil. You are more afraid in the dark than you are in the light, no?

User Info: jtrainXL27

7 years ago#4
I take comfort in darkness, light will just illuminate the evil I truly am.

User Info: InfernalDragon5

7 years ago#5
White should to be associated with poison and death.
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7 years ago#6
Hm..."White" Death doesn't have a good ring to it...but do you know what does? >:]
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User Info: over8999

7 years ago#7

From: jtrainXL27 | Posted: 4/11/2010 8:01:54 AM
I take comfort in darkness, light will just illuminate the evil I truly am.

You mind if I sig that?

Hmm, I'm not counting too much on version story differences- if there is one,. it'll probably me like RSE enemies, but I like that "no good or evil" theme.
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User Info: Mask_of_Ice

7 years ago#8
Not to burst anyone's bubble, but the plot will most likely go on like this:

Start out as a new trainer
Some event happens where you get a grass, water or fire starter from a prof.
Rival Battle
Go off on Gym challenge
Couple Rival Battles
Along the way there is a meh organization with a bunch of anoying grunts carrying zubats
Defeat organization
Now, you are ready to get legendary of version
Finish gym challenge
Rival Battle
Move on to elite four
Defeat champion
Rival bATTLE
Become champion
Some post game stuff that most likely does not include a second region (Gold/Silver/Crystal only)

Oh and Battle Fronteir
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