an animal you hope to see in this next title.

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User Info: thenewcthulhu

7 years ago#11

Sorry it'll evo from Wailord.
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User Info: ss4kami

7 years ago#12
A legit Unicorn, with rainbows and everything.


User Info: MrHarvey

7 years ago#13
Beedrill isn't one and neither is Vespaqueen.
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User Info: q77e

7 years ago#14
a labradoodle(as a legend just to mess wit hus)
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User Info: Skyknight

7 years ago#15
Mantis shrimp, basilisk (at least partially the real-life one, mind you, the one that sprints across the surface of rivers)

User Info: eevee12

7 years ago#16
Some kind of weird canine/cat hybrid that has 8-ish evolutions and all of those evolutions will be based around a single type

And the best thing is it will be completely original (not to mention adorable)

User Info: FireIceBreath

7 years ago#17
polar bear
would be awesome for offensive uses
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User Info: 0-taku

7 years ago#18
HOW is chatot close to a toucan.....honestly chatot is obviously a parrot

chat + parrot = chatot

someone needs to have their eyes checked.
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User Info: jigglopuff

7 years ago#19
squid, leeches/some form of parasite, or this

User Info: Maxx_the_Slash

7 years ago#20
Doesn't Paras/Parasect count as a parasite?
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  3. an animal you hope to see in this next title.

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