are these the starters or is this fake

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User Info: ac_90

7 years ago#1

User Info: Heiedono

7 years ago#2
There's no reason to believe those pictures hold any validity.
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User Info: shadowbirkin96

7 years ago#3
I highly doubt they are legit which makes me sad cause I actually really like the fire and grass ones. The water one is pretty bad though.
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User Info: Zarren364

7 years ago#4
I like all of them, and whoever did those either has a time machine, or too much time on their hands. The Soul Silver Society, join us.

User Info: smashbrother3

7 years ago#5
I don't know but for some reason saying "sharmilade" makes me happy
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User Info: Merc123

7 years ago#6
I think they are all bad. The fire is the best though but i still am not fond of it. Hope these are not legit

The Grass looks like a re-skinned Torchic/Piplup which is garbage

The Water one looks downright stupid but i bet its final evolution would be cool.
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User Info: ss4kami

7 years ago#7
The eyes are too... I don't know the word for it...

User Info: MrHarvey

7 years ago#8
it went like this.

First pokemon: Hmm that looks cool, I wonder where this person found this at. This could be real.
Second pokemon: Umm, yea that's...a pokemon. Well it is it's first form so I guess it's not that bad.
Third pokemon: The **** is this ####!!! What did this person do, look at an amoeba and then draw that? It's more akin to what spit looks like if you pressed it between two pieces of glass.

So after the "cell pokemon" I decided to call Shenanigans on them.
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User Info: GhosfaceDeadV2

7 years ago#9

They are from an RMXP Project. So yes they are in fact fan made Pokemon and will not be the actual starters.
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User Info: Ludwig Von 2

Ludwig Von 2
7 years ago#10
Oh man I hope not cuz those look pretty lame.
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